Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Bear Necessitites

I have this great story I love to tell about the bear at my bird feeder. The story happens at approximately midnight several years ago. I was just disconnecting from the internet, when I noticed a knock at my window.

No seriously a knock.

My pills must have been kicking in (menopause is not conducive to sleep) because I thought it was a bird hitting my window. Right Cele, mid night bird. Well okay a bat.

Right Cele, window, bat. It must have been a rabid bat with bad sonar. But then I noticed my birdfeeder swinging from the eaves and what seems to be that bat passing the window again. So I stood up looked out the window into the face of a bear. A bear, seemingly non-pluss, at my intrusion into his midnight munchies - he immediately went back to taking swings at my birdfeeder with his big bear paw, totally ignoring me. Now I am the center of my universe and I happen to love the silly little bird feeder I made (at my father's instruction) for the Chickedees.

So I rapped at the window with my knuckles. Yeah that stopped the bear for a whole nano second, before he turned back around to continue batting practice with my birdfeeder. So I rapped on the window again, gaining said bear's attention, and growled. I have no idea what on God's green earth induced me to growl, well really roar (because my throat fuckin' hurt after that) but I did. Said bear quit batting practice for the night and left.

I love telling that story, but try to resist including my midnight roaring.

This morning I'm sitting right here, cosy in my typing chair morning cup of coffee in hand, towel on head, when I look over and see. You got it. A Bear. Feeding at the bird feeder my dad built me. I love this bird feeder. I've seen evening grossbeak (oh my god they are beautiful,) Oregon Junco, Brown Headed Cowbirds, Stellar Jays, Red House Finch, Varied Thrush, Towhees, a variety of sparrows and wrens. And that is only the beginning. I love to watch birds, and it is a big thing I share with my dad. So to see this bear - again - at my beloved bird feeder was a... wait for it...

A Treat.

Then I slowly opened the door (which is loud - but he was intent) and snapped two or three more pictures.

Well, shit, then I boldly walked out on to my deck and just snapped away.

Did I mention Non-pluss?

I finally had to beat on my fence with a wooden stake to make him leave....

very slowly...

somewhat sadly...

because there were still sunflower seeds left to be et.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Wall

A flurry of flashing lights, blue and red hailed the arrival of the motorcade. The air was a throbbing pulse of motorcycle engines announcing the arrival of the wall. I sat in my car a the corner of 18th and Highway 101 filing a report about the motor procession that brought the Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall to my small community for a second time. Vets who’d served at the beckon of their country, some drafted, others at will, the memories of those who never came backed solemnly followed the procession into Miller Park. I finished my report, closed my phone, and felt the first tears roll down my cheeks.

I do not believe in war, but I believe in those who serve. Whatever their reasons, barring hate, I mourn for the personalities and lives lost. Your not being here is the reason. The gapping holes left in the fabric of lives that revolved around your smile. That doted on the child that way you. The promise of a future that will never be fulfilled.

Days later I stood quietly at the wall. Bouquets of flowers laid at the base of different panels as gifts to the lost where names stand timeless, etched in the granite’s once smooth blackness. I ran my fingers over the Tees of Thomases now gone, the crossed Efs of Frank who never knew their sons, the dotted Js of James, and I’s Isaacs who never watched their daughters dance. The never forgotten comrades of the broken, the ones who came back and can’t quite ever look forward without you. The ones haunted by sweaty dreams of your screams and theirs.

I look into the black, etch the letters that reflect none of the warmth that was you, and I cry. I never knew you and I cry for your lost. For the hell you were sent to suffer at the hands of our government. I mourn for the spit and the jerks you endure at the spite of those in opposition to a war that never should have been. One much like the war being waged today quarter of a world away from that jungle.

Requiem of the Demigods

Dealers of Death sell their wares,
In the name of security and peace.
Thank the mothers of young
Sacrificed on the alters of democracy,
Good youths blithely thrown
After the negligent wants of old men.
Demigods whose clocks are ticking
Fear no legacy in time.
Your mark spilt blood on the world
Rents in the soul of humanity,
Renewed hate and ignorance.

© 21 September 2004 Calista Cates


Saturday, May 26, 2007


I am a sucker for new webgadgets. Did you see the kewl Neo Counter... stole the idea from Sacred Sister I just had to have one. I love it, I took the daily one, and now I can see where most everyone comes from. Hint...I come up as Noti, Oregon - which is where I am not, but earthwize, I'm in spitting distance.

So today I'm reading JulieAnn's Blog and decide to click on her Myspace link. I've thought about putting this on MySpace page but I will share it here first. I love aura's, JulieAnn's is purple and absolutely beautiful, I wanted purple because it is healing and peace, but I got blue. hmmm blue. Okay I can live with blue. So what colour is your aura?

Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor

Friday, May 25, 2007

Threes for Sacred Sister

Three Names You Go By: (have gone by) Deby, Calista, Tanglefoot

Three Screen Names You Have:
Celebrindal, Cele, Calista

Three Things You Like About Yourself: 1) Optimism 2) That I like myself 3) That I can laugh about myself…unfortunately often.

Three Things You Dislike About Yourself:
1) Lack of self confidence 2) My fat ass 3) I burn out on things and never go backThree Parts of Your Heritage: English, Scottish, German

Three Things That Scare You: 1) Snakes 2) Losing those I love 3) Letting people I love and respect down

Three Everyday Essentials: 1) Hot Showers 2) Mascara 3) Internet

Three Things You're Wearing Right Now:
1) Kimono robe 2) wet towel on my head 3) reading glasses

Three Favorite Bands/Artists: There is no such thing as 3 – 1) Crosby Stills, Nash, & Sometimes Young 2) Five for Fighting 3) Coldplay 3) Cat Stevens 3) Moody Blues 3) Jason Mraz 3) Led Zepplin 3) Matchbox 20

Three Favorite Songs at Present: Once Again, there is no such thing as three 1) 100 years – Five for Fighting 2) Where do the Children Play – Cat Stevens 3) Change the World – Eric Clapton 3) Unwell – Matchbox 20 3) Talk It Over – Grayson Hugh

Three Things You Want In A Relationship: 1) Friendship 2) Love 3) Trust

Two Truths And A Lie:
Have you ever thought about how hard it is to think up two truths and a lie about yourself? Where do you start? What is worthy? Oh shit. 1) I have been married three times 2) I wanted to be a professional dancer 3) I once scaled the side of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and onto the balcony of Jimmy Plant’s hotel room before being caught by security.

Three PHYSICAL Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You: 1) Asses 2) Eyes 3) Legs

Three Things You Just Can't Do:
1) Not make my bed 2) Run (fat assed menopausal women shouldn’t do that anyway 3) Lie to my mother

Three Favorite Hobbies: 1) Manuscript Critiquing 2) Poetry 3) Photography 3) Gardening

Three Things I Want To Do Really Bad Right Now: 1) Get to work because I am late 2) Blow dry my hair 3) Take vacation…a long vacation…somewhere exotic where I can meet all my internet friends

Three Careers You Have Considered: 1) Professional Dancer 2) Marine Biologist 3) Radio

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation: 1) Australia 2) Scotland / Ireland 3) Cabo San Lucas
Three Kid's Name You Have Considered: 1) Brianna Skye 2) Elysse Danielle 3) Aslyn Elysse

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1) Meet my internet friends 2) see my great grand child be born 3) Have my poetry and photos published

Three People Who Have To Take This Quiz Now When they can: 1) Natalie 2) Karin 3) Peggy 3) Jazzy 3) Jake 3) Dartman


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol - The Finalè

Carrie Underwood's debut LP Some Hearts has just been certified sextuple platinum by the RIAA. It sounds fantastic, but sounding fantastic doesn't match as fantastic a feat that it truly is. Only one other, yes I said ONE, country female artist has attained such a tremendous height, LeAnn Rimes did in 1996 with her debut Blue. Some Hearts has sold six million copies in the US, spent 26 weeks at number one in the Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Topping that same chart for multiple weeks at a time in 2005, 2006, 2007. Think about it. Boggling.

The 2007 American Idol has a great career ahead of them if the producers at Entertainment 19 have learned anything from Carrie Underwood and Some Hearts. We will see four final four in the future, because after having been introduced to Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones who can imagine that a musical career isn’t in their futures? For Melinda, I think there is a soul album awaiting her talent and spark, for LaKisha it will be the bright lights of the Great White Way or even film. We shall see, and we shall see it soon.

Tonight it was all about Beat Box Blake and Jordin…and song choices. Because folks we all know it’s about song choice. Each contestant chose their favorite song from the season, a new song, and then performed the winning composition of the American Idol Song Search This Is My Now.

So we’ll delve first into Blake, because, well he did win the coin toss.

Blake, ever so intelligently chose to perform Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name. I think it was better than the first time he performed the song. The opening was about the same, but he rocked the chorus, his interaction with the drummer was fabulous. A solid performance. Winning him kudos from the judges as the best individual performance of the night.

For his second song, Blake made a bad choice, Maroon5’s She Will Be Loved. Not that it isn’t a good song, it’s just not This Love or You Give Love A Bad Name. First off boy didn’t your mama teach you how to dress? Argyle and stripes? Hideous. And the performance while not bad, was just blasé.

Song number three of the night, wasn't his moment. I really feel sorry for Blake because the choice of songs was out of his hands, and it was out of his realm. He was almost lucky that his wardrobe was drawing my attention away from the song and his flat voice.

Fashion Faux Pax.

First off, I notice that Gawd Awful metallic argyle sweater, secondly the silver tie, and thirdly silver metallic shoes, and fourthly the song totally is not Blake. Flat, Flat, Flat notes. Plus, Blake should get handicapped for the terrible back up singing.

Jordin was stellar. Her opening song of the night was new to her – Christina Aguleira’s Fighter. Awesome top. The performance had attitude, rockier choice than in the past, contemporary choice, great performance. Did I mention the awesome top?

She chose Martina McBride’s A Broken Wing for her repeat song. Beautiful. Her solemn open was pure, her close was powerful.

In the movie Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Dolly Parton sings I Will Always Love You (the best song Parton ever wrote.) At the end of the song her voice breaks with emotion – it rips my heart out every time I hear it. Jordin ripped my heart out tonight with her presentation of the finalè song This Is My Now. The song totally fit her, the emotion at the end was almost her undoing, and if it hadn’t come naturally, which I think it did because I think she started thinking at the end of the song, I would have suggested she fake the emotion.

Tonight it comes down to voting for the singer who has been your favorite all season long, because tonight they were both stars. They are both worthy of contracts. They are both worthy of careers. We will definitely see them both again.

BUT, didn’t Constantine look like a biker out of his element?


Oh, I’m writing this before the ending of Dancing With The Stars, and I am so in awe of both Apolo & Julianne and Joey & Kim. But I am voting al Apolo and Julianne because of their chemistry and her choreography. This season of Dancing With The Stars has been fabulous.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol – the Semi Finals 2007

After a night of great singing I conclude, there are no bad singers in the 2007 Semi-finals of American Idol. They are all awesome in their own rights and I was reminded of that each time they sang. I was boggled a few times at the song choices, as you will see below, but then I always am during this week of the competition, each year. Sometimes I don’t think judges and producers have a good grasp of things. But despite the lemons, Melinda, Blake, and Jordin made Key Lime pie AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Jordin, wasn’t she just so adorable in her montage when she talked about being at the bottom of the escalator? She was genuine and lovely.

Tonight was the first time voting that I ran into busy lines. And there were three lines per wannabe. So I started with the first line, moved to the second, and ended up doing the majority of my massive voting with line three, because I don’t want to see Jordin out this week. Despite the fact her first two song choices were hideous.

Song 1: Judge – Simon Cowell – Wishing on a Star / Rose Royce – weird choice, but then it is from a judge, but Jordin did a nice job, the song is forgettable, Jordin never is.

Song 2: Producers – She Works Hard for the Money / Donna Summers. What a suck ass selection. Jordin gave it her best, I didn’t like something at the ending, but she did well. Interesting outfit, it made her much slimmer in appearance.

Song 3: Jordin chose I Who Have Nothing / Shireley Bassey & Tom Jones, wow, she gives me goosebumps. She sang it before, back in March I think, but wow, I she is amazing.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blake – I missed Blake’s National Anthem at the Mariners game the other night, but my husband commented on it. I did like the clip with him beat boxing with Sir Mix A Lot on his trip home to the Sound. This week Blake has been selected as the poster boy for Vote For The Worst. Personally at this point in the there isn’t a bad singer in the competition. I don’t see Blake in the top two and apparently a phone survey conducted by Rassmussen Reports found that 36 percent polled believe he should go this week, 41 percent polled think Blake Lewis will go home this week. But, tonight the guy totally shone. He is hip, he listened and toned it down while still boxing to the beat,

Song 1: Judge – Paula Abdul - Roxanne / Police – excellent song choice, but the wardrobe just totally cracked me up, Dagwood does Rock. Vocals were good, but his Roxanne ranged on yelling.

Song 2: Producers – This Love / Maroon5 – awesome song choice. His vocals were good, his beat box right on and not over done. I very much enjoyed this selection.

Song 3: Blake chose When I Get You Alone – Robin Thicke. I’m not a Robin Thicke fan, but the song seem to fit Blake. I didn’t know the song so I didn’t get a that haunting feeling of the original version and the beat box was nice. I like how he went light tonight. The song was very contemporary and him.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Melinda – This girl has a bright future ahead of her. What an incredible and versatile talent. I know that it drives people crazy that she is demure and even in denial at times about praised heaped on her, but tonight in her montage, I was touched by her humbleness when they unveiled her street sign. She is gracious.

Song 1: Judge – Randy – I Believe In You and Me / Whitney Houston – pfft, pfft, pfft -hairball. Argh, I despise Whitney, to the point I will not play her during my airshift (I also don’t play Mariah.) But this is Melinda, and I ♥ Melinda, she is so amazing, but her MEEEEEE hurt my ears.

Song 2: Producers – Nutbush City Limits / Ike and Tina Turner. Wow, this song so fit Melinda to a T. She rocked the song, moved out of her shy demeanor and got down – Tina watch out there’s a new set of pipes in town.

Song 3: Melinda chose I’m A Woman / Peggy Lee, she did this back in March and rocked it as good then as she did tonight, but now she seems more comfortable, performed, but wasn’t too hammy but was much more relaxed. Paid tribute to her back ground by interacting and showcasing the back up singers.

I can’t choose one over the other in who was the best, because they all shine. And I am happy with the final three because I have liked them through the entire season. Maybe not every performance was perfect, but they are the top three I wanted.

♫ Melinda
♫ Jordin
♫ Blake

Whose going home? I think Blake is going, but not in shame and we’ll see him again soon.

Okay, I don’t usually say anything about Dancing With The Stars here. But Karin got me so hooked this season. And I have to say, Apolo and Julianne were robbed last night. I don’t think Laila Ali is a bad dancer, but I don’t think she’s as good as Apolo or Joey. There I said it. Ian, you’re a class act. They all make me want to go dancing.


Mind Freak

I am a sucker for online test to see how dumb I am (I love those tickle quizzes) mensa tests use to be a total obsession for me. Now Sid has posted the results of a quiz at MindMedia Life Enhancement. So me, being totally me, and a few other people had to go play. Here are my results.

Your Brain Usage Profile:
Auditory : 46%
Visual : 53%
Left : 52%
Right : 47%

The following is the summary

Cele, you exhibit an even balance between left- and right- hemisphere dominance and a slight preference for visual over auditory processing. With a score this balanced, it is likely that you would have slightly different results each time you complete this self-assessment quiz.

You are a well-rounded person, distinctly individualistic and artistic, an active and multidimensional learner. At the same time, you are logical and disciplined, can operate well within an organization, and are sensitive towards others without losing objectivity. You are organized and goal-directed. Although a "thinking" individual, you "take in" entire situations readily and can act on intuition. (note, I'm an Aquarian - duh!)

You sometimes tend to vacillate in your learning styles. Learning might take you longer than someone of equal intellect, but you will tend to be more thorough and retain the material longer than those other individuals. You will alternate between logic and impulse. This vacillation will not normally be intentional or deliberate, so you may experience anxiety in situations where you are not certain which aspect of yourself will be called on.

With a slight preference for visual processing, you tend to be encompassing in your perceptions, process along multidimensional paths and be active in your attacking of situations or learning.
Overall, you should feel content with your life and yourself. You are, perhaps, a little too critical of yourself -- and of others -- while maintaining an "openness" which tempers that tendency.

Indecisiveness is a problem and your creativity may not be in keeping with your potential. Being a pragmatist, you downplay this aspect of yourself and focus on the more immediate, obvious and the more functional

So what did this all lead to...a link to buy me and find out more...I'll pass but it was fun. If you do this, let me know I'd love to see the results.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kiki We Knew You Well

I knew it would be LaKisha or Beat Box Blake going home this week, but I couldn’t decide who would hold more sway: Vote For The Worst, who was backing Kiki this week, or the ‘tweeners over whom Beat Box Blake holds reign of developing, hormone ravaged hearts swooning across the heartland. The fingers and redialers of ‘tweeners nationwide held on for the night.

Kiki said she knew her time was up, that Simon had portend the outcome and she knew he was right. But Kiki we shall see you and your booming voice again soon. Because I know Kiki can up hold the tradition of the majority of the fourth voted out. Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, and Josh Gracin were all voted out in the same week of their respective competitions. Daughtry and Gracin have both sold more copies than three of the past Idol winners – Ruben, Fantasia, and Taylor. So in that respect LaKisha has a bright future ahead. Are you trying to remember who were the other two voted out in same week? Anthony Federov and La Toya London.

Over all I only have three critiques over Kiki’s American Idol run. She doesn’t pick the songs that are right for her. She doesn’t finesse her selections to become the song – a good talent becomes one with the song. And finally she doesn’t listen to the critiques given her and take them to heart. She has an amazing talent, I pray she is in the majority and has a wonderful career ahead, because we shall be the beneficiaries if she does.

Now for a major bitch. I’ve always been irked by the group medleys performed over the years. They usually suck, do not fit the voices and styles of the singers, and they apparently get no direction beyond here sing this song.


The Bee Gees medley had to be the worst in American Idol history. Maurice Gibb is rolling over in his grave. And for those of you who thought that Barry Gibb is aging well, heads up. Look over at your beloved spouse and then look at Barry again. Your spouse should win hands down or you need glasses. And Barry’s rendition of To Love Somebody only underlined again how awesome Jordin’s version was.

Next week the Terrific Three go home. The other thing they do (if Idol history holds up) is sing a cut of their own choosing, one of the judge’s choosing (which usually is a bad choice), and a third song choice that is chosen in a fashion I can’t remember – by Clive Davis or something, remind me, please. Only two more sing offs left. If I were betting I’d would say Jordin to win (my fav) and Melinda to place. But stranger things have happened. Who do you think will take the contract? And along with a recording contract do they still win a million dollars? Hmmm.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hmmm, did you feel as empty as I did?

American Idol – Week Twelve

9 for 15

Oh, a sincere ho hum this week. For those interested Paris Bennett’s debut effort came out earlier today. I noticed All Music dot Com failed to rate Princess P. The efforts begins with Hail to the Princess. I think I’ll stop there.

In other Idol news Kelly Clarkson’s third album, My December, is set to drop July 24th. The multi platinum Daughtry still sits at number 5 in the Billboard 200, for the 23rd week. Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts, has climbed back into the top ten, sitting at number 8 this week, Some Hearts has been certified platinum five times over and is in its 76th week on the charts. Bucky Covington’s debut is at number 24 this week, having debuted on the charts last week at number 4. Elliot Yamin remains in the top 100 at number 77.

And btw, despite what Ryan Seacrest said on American Idol the other week, Taylor Hicks has not sold 2 million copies, well maybe if you add album sales, singles, digital downloads, oh and ringtones together you might get. Nahhhhh.

Ohhh, and Ruben Studdard, you have to add all of his albums and singles together to get two million, but he has sold that much. Having gone platinum (sales of 1 million) with his 2004 album Soulful, it’s all in the way you twist the numbers. But you too can check it out using the the RIAA’s searchable database and Billboard’s Hot 200 Album charts.

Music of the Brother’s Gibb was this week’s vocal point. Strange choice for three women and a beat box. I must be feeling a bit negative…duh Cele…because I kept thinking about what a fox Barry Gibb use to be. My how time flies. But the music of the Bee Gee’s will live ever on, despite what American Idol hopefuls do to abuse the lyrics. Let’s face it, most Bee Gee music was written for guys to sing in light, breathy, falsetto harmonies, and yet despite that I thought the girls gave it a good heave ho. So what did they do?

Melinda took the stage first and fifth in the evening. First performing Inside and Out, and later How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? I appaud that she didn’t want to sing negative words, but then why did you chose How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? Does that require two ??’s In her opening number she reminded me of Donna Summers, I think it was the 1970s Diva voice quality. In her second I liked the performance because of her tonal qualities. But unlike the judges I didn’t like the end.

Beat Box Blake failed miserably in my esteem. He should have sang Jive Talking. I feel strongly about this, I said so on Karin’s blog last week. In You Should Be Dancing Blake’s beat boxing good in the middle section but in the beginning sequences and the end to me it was to abrupt, jarring, and sharp. The Judges may never have heard of This Is Where I Came In from the 2001 album of the same title, but I certainly have, (Hmmmm, my job may have something to do with that) and he butchered it. And the bizarre part, I kept thinking this is what Bono would sound like if he sang the Bee Gees. I beg forgiveness from Bono.

Kiki has been selected as this week’s poster child by Vote for the Worst. Sorry Kiki, it’s a dirty job and I guess someone has to do it. She opened with Staying Alive and I absolutely hated the ending (I think the judges liked that part.) Run To Me was much much better, minus a bad note here or there.

Jordin was the bright spot of the night, she shown with To Love Somebody. Note she is the one performer this year that has learned from the past – choose a song that gives you the long notes, that is how you wow the judges. LONG NOTES. I enjoyed how she accented the vocals. A Woman In Love was not as good, but it was much better than the rest, and yet it fell into that classification of having been done by a great, and I kept comparing her to Streisand.

And Randy don’t give me that Mariah CRAP, my gawd, comparing any singer to Mariah is a death nell in my book. I get pissed that they all flick so much shit at Simon, which my friend Sid would totally love, but while Simon may not have a subtle delivery in his critique, he is usually right on in what he has to say.

This week’s Kudos to…drumroll please…

♫ Jordin
♪ Melinda gets my honorable mention

And my, oh so said to see you go for the week goes to Blake. Sad, sad. But when you get down to the final four it should be hard to see them go. I do think we will see Blake again, maybe him and Chris Richardson will join up for a boy band because they would do well. BUT WAIT!!!! It could be Kiki because Blake does have a large fan base, but then Kiki has Vote for the Worst. Gosh, we’ll find out Wednesday night.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This Ain't Your Mama's Rock N' Roll

American Idol - Week Eleven

8 for 15

I went to beauty college at the height of Glam Rock. While all the other students (all a good ten years younger than me) were hot on Tom Cruise, I thought ♥ Jon Bon Jovi ♥ totally rocked. Now don’t get me wrong, after a statement like that you’d be thinking that I get hot and droolly after rockers in tight jeans. The truth is I’ve never been one of those women, but ♥Jon Bon Jovi♥ pushed my envelope.

Well damnation and frustration, he’s just not as hot without the hair, but then I’m twenty years older too, he looks loads better than me. Plus, the man can still rock. And I really thought he was a great mentor for the Idol Wannabe’s this week. I really felt for Gina that she was Sanjaya’d (Survivor has Pagonged – Idol now has Sanjaya’d) out before she could relish in rock week. I am of mixed emotions about the performances this week. Two simply shown and I found myself in contrast on what the judges said more than once.

Wow, only six, it’s a short list now and two go home. I’m worried for my girl so I spent the first hour after the show was over voting at least 80 times for Jordin, because I fear for her American Idol safety. So now that you know I have voted like a tweener for the last three weeks, let’s see how the Finalist did tonight.

Phil was up first singing Blaze of Glory from the Young Guns soundtrack. It was a good choice for him, he felt comfortable in the song and relished in the vocals. I was of mixed emotions leaning towards favorable.

Jordin, oh mi poor Jordin. She opted for Living On A Pray. I thought she opened well, but she lost it each time in the chorus. When she had a good rocker rasp in some places, in others she was borderline screaming. I would really like to have seen her sing Midnight in Chelsea. Now, what I love about Jordin. She knew it wasn’t her week, at the age of 17 she has more maturity in admitting her short comings and listening to the critics than most. For that she is Stardom bound already. Please vote for her that’s 1 866 43657 02

Lakisha really chose her song well. Her rendition of This Ain’t A Love Song was one of two highlights of the night. Lakisha radiated her song from the heart.

Beat Box Blake, I have admired him since day one. Tonight when he sang, and I mean sang You Give Love A Bad Name I thought he was excellent. But when he beat boxed he lost me. I have to say I did love the record player open, I loved some of the stutters, but for the most part the beat box lost me.

Chris performed Dead Or Alive from Young Guns. Ho Hum, it didn’t work for me. I can’t say it was bad, it was just blah.

And Melinda went with the latest Bon Jovi cut Have A Nice Day. She totally connected with the intent of the song, wore the attitude and delivered it with resounding quality and sass. I loved it.

Two Wannabe’s go home Wednesday night, oh please I hope it’s not Jordin, I mean I voted like four score times. Maybe I should make it a gross? I’ve got two more hours.

So my top two choices, and I’m not sure which was better, but they definitely both were the best…

♫ LaKisha
♫ Melinda

Going home? Gosh I’ve no clue. I have to say if I alone were to pick who was gone, it would be Chris and most likely Phil, but it could be anybody Wednesday night. Hey but we do get to see Bon Jovi rock the show, and maybe we’ll get some tight jeans to boot. Slippery When Wet. Heavy Sigh.