Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hmmm, did you feel as empty as I did?

American Idol – Week Twelve

9 for 15

Oh, a sincere ho hum this week. For those interested Paris Bennett’s debut effort came out earlier today. I noticed All Music dot Com failed to rate Princess P. The efforts begins with Hail to the Princess. I think I’ll stop there.

In other Idol news Kelly Clarkson’s third album, My December, is set to drop July 24th. The multi platinum Daughtry still sits at number 5 in the Billboard 200, for the 23rd week. Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts, has climbed back into the top ten, sitting at number 8 this week, Some Hearts has been certified platinum five times over and is in its 76th week on the charts. Bucky Covington’s debut is at number 24 this week, having debuted on the charts last week at number 4. Elliot Yamin remains in the top 100 at number 77.

And btw, despite what Ryan Seacrest said on American Idol the other week, Taylor Hicks has not sold 2 million copies, well maybe if you add album sales, singles, digital downloads, oh and ringtones together you might get. Nahhhhh.

Ohhh, and Ruben Studdard, you have to add all of his albums and singles together to get two million, but he has sold that much. Having gone platinum (sales of 1 million) with his 2004 album Soulful, it’s all in the way you twist the numbers. But you too can check it out using the the RIAA’s searchable database and Billboard’s Hot 200 Album charts.

Music of the Brother’s Gibb was this week’s vocal point. Strange choice for three women and a beat box. I must be feeling a bit negative…duh Cele…because I kept thinking about what a fox Barry Gibb use to be. My how time flies. But the music of the Bee Gee’s will live ever on, despite what American Idol hopefuls do to abuse the lyrics. Let’s face it, most Bee Gee music was written for guys to sing in light, breathy, falsetto harmonies, and yet despite that I thought the girls gave it a good heave ho. So what did they do?

Melinda took the stage first and fifth in the evening. First performing Inside and Out, and later How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? I appaud that she didn’t want to sing negative words, but then why did you chose How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? Does that require two ??’s In her opening number she reminded me of Donna Summers, I think it was the 1970s Diva voice quality. In her second I liked the performance because of her tonal qualities. But unlike the judges I didn’t like the end.

Beat Box Blake failed miserably in my esteem. He should have sang Jive Talking. I feel strongly about this, I said so on Karin’s blog last week. In You Should Be Dancing Blake’s beat boxing good in the middle section but in the beginning sequences and the end to me it was to abrupt, jarring, and sharp. The Judges may never have heard of This Is Where I Came In from the 2001 album of the same title, but I certainly have, (Hmmmm, my job may have something to do with that) and he butchered it. And the bizarre part, I kept thinking this is what Bono would sound like if he sang the Bee Gees. I beg forgiveness from Bono.

Kiki has been selected as this week’s poster child by Vote for the Worst. Sorry Kiki, it’s a dirty job and I guess someone has to do it. She opened with Staying Alive and I absolutely hated the ending (I think the judges liked that part.) Run To Me was much much better, minus a bad note here or there.

Jordin was the bright spot of the night, she shown with To Love Somebody. Note she is the one performer this year that has learned from the past – choose a song that gives you the long notes, that is how you wow the judges. LONG NOTES. I enjoyed how she accented the vocals. A Woman In Love was not as good, but it was much better than the rest, and yet it fell into that classification of having been done by a great, and I kept comparing her to Streisand.

And Randy don’t give me that Mariah CRAP, my gawd, comparing any singer to Mariah is a death nell in my book. I get pissed that they all flick so much shit at Simon, which my friend Sid would totally love, but while Simon may not have a subtle delivery in his critique, he is usually right on in what he has to say.

This week’s Kudos to…drumroll please…

♫ Jordin
♪ Melinda gets my honorable mention

And my, oh so said to see you go for the week goes to Blake. Sad, sad. But when you get down to the final four it should be hard to see them go. I do think we will see Blake again, maybe him and Chris Richardson will join up for a boy band because they would do well. BUT WAIT!!!! It could be Kiki because Blake does have a large fan base, but then Kiki has Vote for the Worst. Gosh, we’ll find out Wednesday night.



dartman113 said...

Lakisha is going , Blake has to many little teenie-boppers on his side.

Cele said...

Oh Dart you named it. Didn't Barry Gibb's performance on the results show scream...With Out My Brothers I AM NOTHING!!!!!!

dartman113 said...

We're still trying to recover from his teeth or whatever was making him look weird.