Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Bear Necessitites

I have this great story I love to tell about the bear at my bird feeder. The story happens at approximately midnight several years ago. I was just disconnecting from the internet, when I noticed a knock at my window.

No seriously a knock.

My pills must have been kicking in (menopause is not conducive to sleep) because I thought it was a bird hitting my window. Right Cele, mid night bird. Well okay a bat.

Right Cele, window, bat. It must have been a rabid bat with bad sonar. But then I noticed my birdfeeder swinging from the eaves and what seems to be that bat passing the window again. So I stood up looked out the window into the face of a bear. A bear, seemingly non-pluss, at my intrusion into his midnight munchies - he immediately went back to taking swings at my birdfeeder with his big bear paw, totally ignoring me. Now I am the center of my universe and I happen to love the silly little bird feeder I made (at my father's instruction) for the Chickedees.

So I rapped at the window with my knuckles. Yeah that stopped the bear for a whole nano second, before he turned back around to continue batting practice with my birdfeeder. So I rapped on the window again, gaining said bear's attention, and growled. I have no idea what on God's green earth induced me to growl, well really roar (because my throat fuckin' hurt after that) but I did. Said bear quit batting practice for the night and left.

I love telling that story, but try to resist including my midnight roaring.

This morning I'm sitting right here, cosy in my typing chair morning cup of coffee in hand, towel on head, when I look over and see. You got it. A Bear. Feeding at the bird feeder my dad built me. I love this bird feeder. I've seen evening grossbeak (oh my god they are beautiful,) Oregon Junco, Brown Headed Cowbirds, Stellar Jays, Red House Finch, Varied Thrush, Towhees, a variety of sparrows and wrens. And that is only the beginning. I love to watch birds, and it is a big thing I share with my dad. So to see this bear - again - at my beloved bird feeder was a... wait for it...

A Treat.

Then I slowly opened the door (which is loud - but he was intent) and snapped two or three more pictures.

Well, shit, then I boldly walked out on to my deck and just snapped away.

Did I mention Non-pluss?

I finally had to beat on my fence with a wooden stake to make him leave....

very slowly...

somewhat sadly...

because there were still sunflower seeds left to be et.


Jennifer said...

Cele, amazing! That must be awesome (and scary!) to see a bear in your yard.

I am kind of wondering just what kind of pills you were taking--birds knocking on the window? LOL!

Cele said...

Bears aren't common here, but they aren't as rare as say, in the O.C. We get them once or twice a year, it is the best when my camera is working.

Oh and it is just Tylenol PM, er and a little Merlot.

Jennifer said...

Tylenol PM and I are great friends :-)

Those were great pics!

Cele said...

what? you have a problem with Merlot?

Sideon said...

I love those pictures!

Our cats sit in the Bay window and chirp (that weird cat noise thing they do) at the finches and doves in the bird sanctuary.

I would love a bear visitor, but sadly, I think we're in the middle of suburban sprawl.

Cele said...

We Sid someday I will be in the middle of suburban sprawl - well except for the fact that Pacific is a mere mile to the west of me - so on the edge of suburban sprawl, and where will the bears go. I feel sad for them and the deer who are losing their homes to human habitat.

Coyotes on the other hand I have no goodwill towards.

Karin Tabke said...

we have coyotes. no bears. your bear is cute, so long as he stays on his side of the fence.

Cele said...

Karin I'm with you, he's cute until he crosses that fence.