Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talk Thursday: Six Months

A diagnosis, prognosis, fate, past, future the only thing six months isn’t is the present… we’ll unless you’re six months preggers, and if you think that’s possible for me, fie on you. Once upon a time I wanted so badly to have a second child, Psam wanted so badly to have an older brother. So, no I’m not six months.

Six months ago I was re-learning I love to fish. I’d forgotten the joy of casting, the solitude of reeling in my line and casting out once again, and once again, and once again until my shoulder (and lower back if truth be known) said enough. Six months ago the summer sun was contemplating the autumnal bend and I was morphing into my annual gardening burning out. But the days were warm, the wind had died down and all was good.

Six months ago my much beloved Ducks were stretching their muscles, running their routes in daily doubles waiting for the season to begin.

Six months ago Psam and I went and got tattoos.

Six months ago I wasn’t contemplating a diet. Silly me.

It snowed today. Don’t laugh, it wasn’t much (especially not what the weather
service had forecasted) but it was snow and it kept my husband in the valley for nights on end. It will keep Burp from coming for the weekend. But it wasn’t enough to make snow angels in.

In six months I will begin watching the Siuslaw for jumping Coho and Silvers. I will be itching to cast my line, reel it in, and cast again. In six months I will be planting my tulips… maybe… depending on the condition of my petunias. In six months I will put it off until the rain starts then curse myself.

In six months I will sit watching with drooling anticipation ESPN’s game day, counting down the moments until my beloved Ducks kick off against the LSU Tigers (September 3rd to be exact) and the hunt will be on.

I now weigh several pounds less than I did six months ago. Sadly, I can remember what I weighed when I flew to England in 2002, but not what I weighed six months ago. It must have been bad. I am happy to say I am eating far less carbs, a lot more bell peppers, salads and Marrion Berry balsamic vinegar, as well as the appropriate size food portions. Where will I be in six months? Maybe a size 14 – that would be nice.

In six months maybe I will get a stargazer lily on my left foot. It could happen.


PS I know my snow pictures are pathetic, but humor me I live in Florence we don't get a lot of snow... more than Sid, but less that Lyn and Jenniphur.... geez even less than Psam.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Talk Thursday: Period

My friend’s husband died this morning at 6:3o. He passed in the quiet hours of the morning, when many spirits choose to pass… unseen, alone, unhindered and as chosen. He passed after a long battle against diabetes, heart disease, and most recently against kidney failure and a gastro-intestinal infection. He is gone; she is heart broken – period.

The next chapter begins.

It is not that she didn’t see this coming, but do we ever really want to be prepared for this? I sure can’t imagine the day that Ducky and I will part… forever… well at least until we meet in some future life. But my friend doesn’t believe in reincarnation, she is waiting only for her resurrection day. I have no problem with this, to each their own. I mean our beliefs are the beds we have to sleep in. While many will poo poo her and mine’s belief in God, any resurrection, and future lives, it is these beliefs that comfort us. As far as I’m concerned if you are comfortable in the belief you die – period, more power to you. Keep your distain for my beliefs to yourself and I promise I will not ridicule yours to your face or on your blog either.

Back to my friend. My heart breaks for her, for hers is not an easy road. She cared not only for her aging invalid husband, but a severely disabled daughter as well. Often her days were spent shuttling herself from one hospital room or doctor’s appointment to the next. Many would said this will ease her load, but I know putting myself in her shoes (which is nigh an impossible task) guilt at the relief of his passing (no matter how merciful), the weight of lonely moments that would have been spent by the two of them, and the burden of her heart-ache will be an even heavy burden to bear.

I send her my prayers, my thoughts, and my wishes for better tomorrows even though I know that I cannot smooth her path, ease her burdens, or share her load. I can only offer her my love, support, shoulders, ears, and prayers in her time of sorrow and pain and while she is on the journey to the road where she learns to be one again.

Thomas, please go with God; Rose my heart wants to lift your sorrow, you pain, your burdens and I’m wholly unqualified for the task, but I shall try. As hard as it is please rejoice that his pain and suffering have ended – and when the day comes, my friend, please remind me of the same.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 Things About Me… 2011

1) Or 100 random thoughts strung together by a series of mal used punctuation marks
2) I woke up this morning in an amazing mood, despite the cold, the rain, the wind, and a headache.
3) Oh wait, I love the rain and the wind in winter. The headache went away.
4) Sadly the weather will most likely keep Ducky stuck in the valley for the next few days – serious bummer
5) Dude, have you noticed many of the slang words of your past are the slang words of your today?
6) Maxwell’s Silverhammer is a gruesomely delightful way to start the day…or to say it with a British twist… a bloody good romp
7) Oh, wow, I didn’t think about snakes until number seven… I’ll have to check last year’s list to see if that is progress
8) I love reality tv
9) Hense the fall off of my blogging, bad me
10) So before I watched Castle last night, Nathan Fillion is even more delish than when he was on Firefly or 2 Dudes and a Pizza Parlour
11) I watched You’re Cut Off, thanks Psam, I’m almost caught up, only missing the first episode
12) It’s not as good as Real Housewives, who often aren’t, but it’s addictive.
13) My jewelry is still going
14) I’m contemplating consignment of my work at this point
15) But I use spendy beat Dichroic beads and I’m not sure people will pay the prices
16) I want to learn silver wire wrapping
17) I have lost 13 pounds on my diet in probably six weeks time
18) My goal is 70 pounds, but I’d be happy with whatever the diet gods give me
19) I still have Christmas Chocolate left
20) That is how serious I am, it makes for a good comfort snack at night if I’ve kept under 1300 calories (I didn’t say I was good, I just said serious)
21) My best friends are dieting with me – Ducky is at 10 pounds or so and Leigh is somewhere between 6 and 12 – I will have to ask
22) Leigh and I have started yoga…
23) I paid for the classes, missed the first three
24) But this Saturday I will be there.
25) This morning I found wonderful wishes for my day – my favorites…
a – "Good morning, gorgeous - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
b- "♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Happy Birthday Day, Calista~ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥"
c – "Hey Calista. Happy Birthday. I hope you have an amazing day and wish you many happy returns. I'll call you for a birthday drink when I'm over there next time."
d – "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! ! ! Calista!!! Have a wonderful day! :-)"
26) After I read the Noon newscast I do the jumble, suduko, and now the cryptoquote
27) I haven’t done a crossword puzzle in ages
28) I don’t read the funnies, but Get Fuzzy and Pickles are just above the cryptoquote in the Register Guard
29) It’s weird how I can totally relate to Pickles at my age
30) My other friend Audrey had the most awesome tidbit for the day this morning after she finished the stockmarket report – “There is never a right time to do wrong thing.”
31) Natalie once asked me if I had a life outside of the internet (it wasn’t a bad comment about me, it was prompted by someone else)
32) So let me tell you about my friends
a – Ducky is my best friend – my lover – my husband – my best friend
b – Leigh is my best friend – a former work mate – we’ve been friends for probably 18 years - we have dinner every Tuesday night – we do yoga – we diet together – we both have the same favorite color, Green – she is bohemian – she is amazing – she sells billboards – hmmm I just realized I’ve never given her a nickname
c - Audrey – a best friend – she gives the stockmarket report twice a day here for KCST – she moved to Florence to watch over her mother – she loves to fish – has her eyes on the hermit guy in the house kitty corner from her house – and describes herself as a tomboy – don’t watch sports with her, she will purposely root for the other team, quite loudly – we have dinner together every other Thursday night – she’s a hoot.
d – Despite Psam living so far from me, she will always be my best friend, my support system, the voice of sanity and reason. I adore my daughter, beyond words
e – Rose, my one best friend I’ve never met. Never, someday though. I can tell her my inner most thoughts, listen to hers. We once fought and didn’t talk to each other for almost a year. It was both our faults and it made me realize how much I missed her.
f – Pinecone – my sister – is one of my closest friends – but I don’t get to see her near enough
g – And Beady DeeDee is my newest friend
h – And then there is Sid – he answers my galactic heart

33) I am always amazed by people who aren’t music oriented
34) Music marks the occasions and people in my life
35) I realize this more and more each day
36) Psam is music oriented – Ducky not so much
37) Speaking of music I don’t get the Lady Gaga thing, nor Justin Bieber (no, I don’t believe)
38) My favorite song is still 100 Years by Five For Fighting; my favorite group will ever be Crosby, Stills, Nash, and sometimes Young, but I also love Jason Mraz, Cat Stevens (Yusef), Five for Fighting; Led Zepplin, Dave Matthews, Kelly Clarkson, Goo Goo Dolls, and Matchbox Twenty.
39) Big Bang Theory is my favorite TV Show
40) But I also like the aforementioned Castle, NCIS, Eureka, Deadliest Catches, Ice Road Truckers (both editions), Housewives of NY (OC, 90210, NJ – and I’ll try Miami), Ghost Hunters (and GHI), American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Top Shot, So You Think You Can Dance and CASH CAB (my nightly must.)
41) I apparently watch a lot of cable
42) I don’t know about the new incarnation of American Idol
43) Yes, I bought Crystal Bowersox’s Farmer’s Daughter – it rocks
44) I still haven’t listened to the new Duffy CD – Endlessly – that I got for Christmas.
45) My first Wii fitness score was 73.
46) That was only Sunday afternoon
47) I spent the next two hours working up a sweat playing tennis and bowling.
48) This must become a nightly occurrence.
49) And then there is my on going non relationship with my crosstrainer.
50) While I’ve cleared six levels in Links Crossbow
51) I can’t clear the first level of Mario – friggin’ little castle.
52) 35 years later I miss my bikini (and the body it fit)
53) My bosom have gained a life of their own
54) Now I wish they’d shrink
55) My favorite clothes are my jammies
56) My Planter’s Facisitus (sp) forced me to buy a pair of Klogs
57) My feet are in seventh heaven
58) Don’t wear Klogs on the cross trainer
59) Or while playing Wii sports because you will fall down, twist your ankle, and Wii your pants from a mixture of laughter and pain
60) Since starting my diet I haven’t had indigestion – or acid reflux – (what’s the proper way to spell augedux? Italian for nasty ass acid reflux?)
61) Then Friday morning during the Radio Auction is was seduced by a Buttermilk Bar
62) So I began a love affair with Tums
63) Sunday morning I thought I would try a sugar free low fat mocha – what the hey?
64) Ah for the love of Tums
65) Sometimes breaking your diet (outside of Fast Food Fridays) breaking your diet is a good teaching lesson
66) Of course it usually takes me five or six times before I learn said lessons
67) I thoroughly believe Fast Food Fridays is the secret to staying on my diet
68) Did I mention I lost thirteen pounds
69) My pants are getting baggy
70) LOVE IT!
71) Ah, that felt sooo good – now here’s to another 60 pounds
72) My favorite herbal tea this year – I don’t have one
73) I’ve been drinking Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion or whatever it’s been called and the vanilla pomegranate praying they would bring back Apricot Honeybush.
74) I have learned to embrace routine
75) Bang my head against the wall of progress
76) Crap I should run for congress – that makes me qualified right?
77) Ducky and I started fishing last autumn
78) I love it
79) Besides gardening I’m looking forward to fishing season
80) I don’t like salmon, but to watch them jump in the Siuslaw is amazing
82) Now if I can catch some I will make smoked salmon
82) And feed my roses
83) I check my face and chest every morning for skin cancer
84) And then I use alpha hydroxy skin cream
85) I have a mole on my face that fascinates little kids
86) Their fascination horrifies their parents
87) It use to bother me, but not so much now
88) I haven’t written a poem in months
89) Oh, wait I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks, now that is sad, I haven’t had a lot to say
90) Even though I have an idea for a blog ruminating in my brain for weeks now
91) And I’m three weeks behind on Talk Thursday
92) Oh wait, except for Jenn we all are, I will try to catch up this week.
93) I believe in God and hope who or what you believe in works for you.
94) This is the part where many will roll their eyes, I believe I was a healer in a past life – get over it.
95) Friends answer a place in your heart
96) True loves answer a place in your soul
97) While I don’t agree with all Obama has done, I would vote for him again.
98) I believe in committing random acts of kindness everyday – turn yourself into a habitual offender… that is my goal this year
99) I still believe life is all about the journey
100) and my matra is, “Where we’ve been, is who we are.”
101) I only mentioned snakes once, definite improvement

BTW – Talk Thursday people, start thinking, an abbreviated version is this week’s topic.