Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol – the Semi Finals 2007

After a night of great singing I conclude, there are no bad singers in the 2007 Semi-finals of American Idol. They are all awesome in their own rights and I was reminded of that each time they sang. I was boggled a few times at the song choices, as you will see below, but then I always am during this week of the competition, each year. Sometimes I don’t think judges and producers have a good grasp of things. But despite the lemons, Melinda, Blake, and Jordin made Key Lime pie AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Jordin, wasn’t she just so adorable in her montage when she talked about being at the bottom of the escalator? She was genuine and lovely.

Tonight was the first time voting that I ran into busy lines. And there were three lines per wannabe. So I started with the first line, moved to the second, and ended up doing the majority of my massive voting with line three, because I don’t want to see Jordin out this week. Despite the fact her first two song choices were hideous.

Song 1: Judge – Simon Cowell – Wishing on a Star / Rose Royce – weird choice, but then it is from a judge, but Jordin did a nice job, the song is forgettable, Jordin never is.

Song 2: Producers – She Works Hard for the Money / Donna Summers. What a suck ass selection. Jordin gave it her best, I didn’t like something at the ending, but she did well. Interesting outfit, it made her much slimmer in appearance.

Song 3: Jordin chose I Who Have Nothing / Shireley Bassey & Tom Jones, wow, she gives me goosebumps. She sang it before, back in March I think, but wow, I she is amazing.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blake – I missed Blake’s National Anthem at the Mariners game the other night, but my husband commented on it. I did like the clip with him beat boxing with Sir Mix A Lot on his trip home to the Sound. This week Blake has been selected as the poster boy for Vote For The Worst. Personally at this point in the there isn’t a bad singer in the competition. I don’t see Blake in the top two and apparently a phone survey conducted by Rassmussen Reports found that 36 percent polled believe he should go this week, 41 percent polled think Blake Lewis will go home this week. But, tonight the guy totally shone. He is hip, he listened and toned it down while still boxing to the beat,

Song 1: Judge – Paula Abdul - Roxanne / Police – excellent song choice, but the wardrobe just totally cracked me up, Dagwood does Rock. Vocals were good, but his Roxanne ranged on yelling.

Song 2: Producers – This Love / Maroon5 – awesome song choice. His vocals were good, his beat box right on and not over done. I very much enjoyed this selection.

Song 3: Blake chose When I Get You Alone – Robin Thicke. I’m not a Robin Thicke fan, but the song seem to fit Blake. I didn’t know the song so I didn’t get a that haunting feeling of the original version and the beat box was nice. I like how he went light tonight. The song was very contemporary and him.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Melinda – This girl has a bright future ahead of her. What an incredible and versatile talent. I know that it drives people crazy that she is demure and even in denial at times about praised heaped on her, but tonight in her montage, I was touched by her humbleness when they unveiled her street sign. She is gracious.

Song 1: Judge – Randy – I Believe In You and Me / Whitney Houston – pfft, pfft, pfft -hairball. Argh, I despise Whitney, to the point I will not play her during my airshift (I also don’t play Mariah.) But this is Melinda, and I ♥ Melinda, she is so amazing, but her MEEEEEE hurt my ears.

Song 2: Producers – Nutbush City Limits / Ike and Tina Turner. Wow, this song so fit Melinda to a T. She rocked the song, moved out of her shy demeanor and got down – Tina watch out there’s a new set of pipes in town.

Song 3: Melinda chose I’m A Woman / Peggy Lee, she did this back in March and rocked it as good then as she did tonight, but now she seems more comfortable, performed, but wasn’t too hammy but was much more relaxed. Paid tribute to her back ground by interacting and showcasing the back up singers.

I can’t choose one over the other in who was the best, because they all shine. And I am happy with the final three because I have liked them through the entire season. Maybe not every performance was perfect, but they are the top three I wanted.

♫ Melinda
♫ Jordin
♫ Blake

Whose going home? I think Blake is going, but not in shame and we’ll see him again soon.

Okay, I don’t usually say anything about Dancing With The Stars here. But Karin got me so hooked this season. And I have to say, Apolo and Julianne were robbed last night. I don’t think Laila Ali is a bad dancer, but I don’t think she’s as good as Apolo or Joey. There I said it. Ian, you’re a class act. They all make me want to go dancing.



LaDonna said...

Cele, loved your take on AI last night. I agree, the three left standing are the ones who should be. I think Blake will go this week too, but he'll do great imo. Also, I love Melinda doing the great Tina! She's a natural.

Sideon said...

What happens if that Sanjay guy shows up again with a black cape and mask and steals the show???

And what if Paula Abdul has too much to drink and starts acting really weird???

The only thing about Dancing With the Stars that I can coherently say is that I'm glad Billy Ray Cyrus is gone, although I couldn't stop singing "Achey Breaky Heart" each week while I waited for word of his last dance.