Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol - The Finalè

Carrie Underwood's debut LP Some Hearts has just been certified sextuple platinum by the RIAA. It sounds fantastic, but sounding fantastic doesn't match as fantastic a feat that it truly is. Only one other, yes I said ONE, country female artist has attained such a tremendous height, LeAnn Rimes did in 1996 with her debut Blue. Some Hearts has sold six million copies in the US, spent 26 weeks at number one in the Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Topping that same chart for multiple weeks at a time in 2005, 2006, 2007. Think about it. Boggling.

The 2007 American Idol has a great career ahead of them if the producers at Entertainment 19 have learned anything from Carrie Underwood and Some Hearts. We will see four final four in the future, because after having been introduced to Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones who can imagine that a musical career isn’t in their futures? For Melinda, I think there is a soul album awaiting her talent and spark, for LaKisha it will be the bright lights of the Great White Way or even film. We shall see, and we shall see it soon.

Tonight it was all about Beat Box Blake and Jordin…and song choices. Because folks we all know it’s about song choice. Each contestant chose their favorite song from the season, a new song, and then performed the winning composition of the American Idol Song Search This Is My Now.

So we’ll delve first into Blake, because, well he did win the coin toss.

Blake, ever so intelligently chose to perform Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name. I think it was better than the first time he performed the song. The opening was about the same, but he rocked the chorus, his interaction with the drummer was fabulous. A solid performance. Winning him kudos from the judges as the best individual performance of the night.

For his second song, Blake made a bad choice, Maroon5’s She Will Be Loved. Not that it isn’t a good song, it’s just not This Love or You Give Love A Bad Name. First off boy didn’t your mama teach you how to dress? Argyle and stripes? Hideous. And the performance while not bad, was just blasé.

Song number three of the night, wasn't his moment. I really feel sorry for Blake because the choice of songs was out of his hands, and it was out of his realm. He was almost lucky that his wardrobe was drawing my attention away from the song and his flat voice.

Fashion Faux Pax.

First off, I notice that Gawd Awful metallic argyle sweater, secondly the silver tie, and thirdly silver metallic shoes, and fourthly the song totally is not Blake. Flat, Flat, Flat notes. Plus, Blake should get handicapped for the terrible back up singing.

Jordin was stellar. Her opening song of the night was new to her – Christina Aguleira’s Fighter. Awesome top. The performance had attitude, rockier choice than in the past, contemporary choice, great performance. Did I mention the awesome top?

She chose Martina McBride’s A Broken Wing for her repeat song. Beautiful. Her solemn open was pure, her close was powerful.

In the movie Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Dolly Parton sings I Will Always Love You (the best song Parton ever wrote.) At the end of the song her voice breaks with emotion – it rips my heart out every time I hear it. Jordin ripped my heart out tonight with her presentation of the finalè song This Is My Now. The song totally fit her, the emotion at the end was almost her undoing, and if it hadn’t come naturally, which I think it did because I think she started thinking at the end of the song, I would have suggested she fake the emotion.

Tonight it comes down to voting for the singer who has been your favorite all season long, because tonight they were both stars. They are both worthy of contracts. They are both worthy of careers. We will definitely see them both again.

BUT, didn’t Constantine look like a biker out of his element?


Oh, I’m writing this before the ending of Dancing With The Stars, and I am so in awe of both Apolo & Julianne and Joey & Kim. But I am voting al Apolo and Julianne because of their chemistry and her choreography. This season of Dancing With The Stars has been fabulous.



karintabke said...

reading your post was like reliving last night, Calista. How can I not be solidly behind Jordin now?

Cele said...

Last night at the end of Dancing With The Stars I realized I would have been happy if either Apolo or Joey won.

Tonight when they name the winner I will be estatic if Jordin wins, but I think Blake has a solid chance because he is a born performer. He can't dress himself, but he's a solid performer with a bright future ahead of himself.