Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This Ain't Your Mama's Rock N' Roll

American Idol - Week Eleven

8 for 15

I went to beauty college at the height of Glam Rock. While all the other students (all a good ten years younger than me) were hot on Tom Cruise, I thought ♥ Jon Bon Jovi ♥ totally rocked. Now don’t get me wrong, after a statement like that you’d be thinking that I get hot and droolly after rockers in tight jeans. The truth is I’ve never been one of those women, but ♥Jon Bon Jovi♥ pushed my envelope.

Well damnation and frustration, he’s just not as hot without the hair, but then I’m twenty years older too, he looks loads better than me. Plus, the man can still rock. And I really thought he was a great mentor for the Idol Wannabe’s this week. I really felt for Gina that she was Sanjaya’d (Survivor has Pagonged – Idol now has Sanjaya’d) out before she could relish in rock week. I am of mixed emotions about the performances this week. Two simply shown and I found myself in contrast on what the judges said more than once.

Wow, only six, it’s a short list now and two go home. I’m worried for my girl so I spent the first hour after the show was over voting at least 80 times for Jordin, because I fear for her American Idol safety. So now that you know I have voted like a tweener for the last three weeks, let’s see how the Finalist did tonight.

Phil was up first singing Blaze of Glory from the Young Guns soundtrack. It was a good choice for him, he felt comfortable in the song and relished in the vocals. I was of mixed emotions leaning towards favorable.

Jordin, oh mi poor Jordin. She opted for Living On A Pray. I thought she opened well, but she lost it each time in the chorus. When she had a good rocker rasp in some places, in others she was borderline screaming. I would really like to have seen her sing Midnight in Chelsea. Now, what I love about Jordin. She knew it wasn’t her week, at the age of 17 she has more maturity in admitting her short comings and listening to the critics than most. For that she is Stardom bound already. Please vote for her that’s 1 866 43657 02

Lakisha really chose her song well. Her rendition of This Ain’t A Love Song was one of two highlights of the night. Lakisha radiated her song from the heart.

Beat Box Blake, I have admired him since day one. Tonight when he sang, and I mean sang You Give Love A Bad Name I thought he was excellent. But when he beat boxed he lost me. I have to say I did love the record player open, I loved some of the stutters, but for the most part the beat box lost me.

Chris performed Dead Or Alive from Young Guns. Ho Hum, it didn’t work for me. I can’t say it was bad, it was just blah.

And Melinda went with the latest Bon Jovi cut Have A Nice Day. She totally connected with the intent of the song, wore the attitude and delivered it with resounding quality and sass. I loved it.

Two Wannabe’s go home Wednesday night, oh please I hope it’s not Jordin, I mean I voted like four score times. Maybe I should make it a gross? I’ve got two more hours.

So my top two choices, and I’m not sure which was better, but they definitely both were the best…

♫ LaKisha
♫ Melinda

Going home? Gosh I’ve no clue. I have to say if I alone were to pick who was gone, it would be Chris and most likely Phil, but it could be anybody Wednesday night. Hey but we do get to see Bon Jovi rock the show, and maybe we’ll get some tight jeans to boot. Slippery When Wet. Heavy Sigh.



Karin Tabke said...

Oooh, we get to see Jon-Boy sing tomorrow night? Can't wait. and I'm with you, Calista, Phil and Chris.

Sideon said...

Jon rocks - big hair or short hair, he's HOT.

Thank goodness that strange dude was voted off, finally. He killed any vestige of credibility the show had, even more so than that vile Cowell.