Friday, December 30, 2011

Talk Thursday – Time

A commodity of which I have little, crap it’s not a commodity if it were I’d buy more, because honey I need more time. Lot’s of time. Please Sir, More. This was the topic several weeks ago. Did I mention I lack the time commodity thingie. Vana, I’d like to buy time please. I began writing this blog … at least a month ago.

In the last month, Thanksgiving (okay it was a month and a week). Girls day out for Christmas shopping (okay I really went for lunch – which was spendy and questionable.) The Lane County Holiday Market at the fairgrounds was awesome per normal. Always lots of ideas, a few presents, and great, I mean awesome – grapefruit fudge. Awesome I tell you, awesome. Thankfully I only bought a small portion. I continually reminded everyone that I love chocolate moose Peeps ( yes, I was rewarded for my pandering with eight boxes of Chocolate Moose Peeps and four peppermint star peeps – just as I prepare to lose weight.) I made my Kahlua, two cases (48 bottles.) And attempted scones for the first time in my life. Yes, Alex, I like time for $200, please.

Not bad, but now I want to bake gluten free scones. I’ve gathered together the tapioca flour, brown rice flour, white rice flour, the sweet sorghum – I have my recipes. Now I just need…. Yes, Alex – Time for $400, please. Could someone please tell me where to buy xanath and guar gums? Did I mention that Ducky and I are going to try going gluten free. We’re hoping that taking the gluten out of his diet it will help his joints, my feet, and crap who knows what else. Maybe my acid reflux will disappear. It did in the last year as I took refined flour, refined sugars, pasta and potatoes out of my diet. Okay, I still ate a bit of refined sugar and I lost almost 30 pounds.

Wow, that was an accomplishment. Almost lost. Now I want to lose about 60 more including the 9 I gained back in between Misaray’s wedding to the Brit and now. I will never be skinny again, but I really need to be thinner. I did lose a few ounces on Wednesday, I got a drastic hair cut.

I bombed out as a beautician. A got the best grades in the state in 1987. But, damn the bitch of it was that the women would not just "drop off their hair and pick it up" when I was done, but I did lean how to 1) do my own nails, 2) do make up 3) cut hair, perm hair, and color hair. I do my make up, I cut my hair, I do my nails, and Ducky colors my hair. But I decided I wanted something different. Earlier this month Pam Tillis was in the studio, she has lots of skinny hair just like me.

That was the hair cut I wanted. I found a new hairdresser, she was great. Just as she began to style my hair Florence suffered a massive power outage. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time you know that means I have to go to work. Two hours later, probably about two of the nine and a half inches of rain that has fallen in the last 48 hours poured during that two hours - on top of me - through my new cut, and I returned home looking (somewhat in my mind) like a drown rat. Ducky greeted me with a, “Hey, sexy.”

That man totally makes my day. Now if we can make it to the valley tomorrow night, we’ll have dinner with friends and still be home to watch the ball drop. Of course my new do will be sporting an inch of grow out. But hey, Alex, how about Time for $600?