Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kiki We Knew You Well

I knew it would be LaKisha or Beat Box Blake going home this week, but I couldn’t decide who would hold more sway: Vote For The Worst, who was backing Kiki this week, or the ‘tweeners over whom Beat Box Blake holds reign of developing, hormone ravaged hearts swooning across the heartland. The fingers and redialers of ‘tweeners nationwide held on for the night.

Kiki said she knew her time was up, that Simon had portend the outcome and she knew he was right. But Kiki we shall see you and your booming voice again soon. Because I know Kiki can up hold the tradition of the majority of the fourth voted out. Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, and Josh Gracin were all voted out in the same week of their respective competitions. Daughtry and Gracin have both sold more copies than three of the past Idol winners – Ruben, Fantasia, and Taylor. So in that respect LaKisha has a bright future ahead. Are you trying to remember who were the other two voted out in same week? Anthony Federov and La Toya London.

Over all I only have three critiques over Kiki’s American Idol run. She doesn’t pick the songs that are right for her. She doesn’t finesse her selections to become the song – a good talent becomes one with the song. And finally she doesn’t listen to the critiques given her and take them to heart. She has an amazing talent, I pray she is in the majority and has a wonderful career ahead, because we shall be the beneficiaries if she does.

Now for a major bitch. I’ve always been irked by the group medleys performed over the years. They usually suck, do not fit the voices and styles of the singers, and they apparently get no direction beyond here sing this song.


The Bee Gees medley had to be the worst in American Idol history. Maurice Gibb is rolling over in his grave. And for those of you who thought that Barry Gibb is aging well, heads up. Look over at your beloved spouse and then look at Barry again. Your spouse should win hands down or you need glasses. And Barry’s rendition of To Love Somebody only underlined again how awesome Jordin’s version was.

Next week the Terrific Three go home. The other thing they do (if Idol history holds up) is sing a cut of their own choosing, one of the judge’s choosing (which usually is a bad choice), and a third song choice that is chosen in a fashion I can’t remember – by Clive Davis or something, remind me, please. Only two more sing offs left. If I were betting I’d would say Jordin to win (my fav) and Melinda to place. But stranger things have happened. Who do you think will take the contract? And along with a recording contract do they still win a million dollars? Hmmm.