Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talk Thursday: The Next Time I’m President

The civilized world is thankful this will never happen, but what if? I’m discouraged at the state of American politics today. Democrat versus Republican and the rest of us get run over in the process. I proudly voted for Obama, the sign supporting him in the elections still remains in my living room window, but I am disillusioned at his inability to stand by his “convictions.” I know a politician makes promises and I think they generally believe their promises to the voters they are wooing. But when the vows are said and the honeymoon is over then life and politics begin and promises are trampled.

In the battle between the political parties we are lost. Remember the promise that lobbyist would be banned from the Obama administration? I’d ban lobbyist from Washington DC completely. I would then work to establish the following:

1) A loop hole free, equitable flat tax
2) Work for welfare system, where recipients would have to give back an equitable amount of work for the benefits they receive. This would include serving on jury duty, litter patrol, day care, and weeding in pubic by ways and properties and other public services.
3) Remove the busybody interest of one American in another American’s life – to misquote Hilary Clinton “It takes a village. Who cares who you fuck.”
4) Cut off funds to ALL countries that support or are terrorist – i.e. Pakistan (let India deal with them.)
5) Better yet, cut off nation welfare. If we can’t pay our own interest payment how can we pay other countries?
6) Bring our soldiers home, put them on border patrol. Think about it, if the American Indians had better immigration laws we’d not be in this fix today. No it’s not their fault they believed our lies. Tsk tsk tsk
7) Better yet, if they get in, let them work by setting up a system where illegal aliens can work and pay taxes into our system, but are not eligible for support benefits i.e. unemployment, disability, or social security payments.
8) Confiscate companies and imprison employers who are responsible for hiring illegal aliens who use stolen SSI’s and fuck up the lives of hard working Americans. Oh don’t give me that, you’d be surprised.
9) Create a national health system that takes the power of health care choices out of the hands of insurance companies and politicians and places it back in the hands of the patient and their physician.
10) Open the forest back up to reasonable and sustainable logging.
11) Focus on creating and sustaining renewable resources and affordable solar power.
12) Force the automotive industry to move solidly into affordable alternative fuel sources.
13) Place both steep taxes on American companies that take their manufacturing offshore, and steeper tariffs on their products when they bring them on shore.
14) Remove the pork barrel from American politics.
15) And fill the friggin pot holes – that should put thousands of Americans back to work alone.
Drats, I know I’m forgetting an item or three. This folks is why I would never be elected… And Jen thank you for this topic, tooo enlightening and fun.