Friday, July 22, 2011

Talk Thursday: How many times do you need to experience it before you learn?

Not many, I’m a quick study. And the angel on my shoulder is screaming in my right ear, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” Ah, there is no peace in the world. I began my evening with half a poem and no blog for the week. I now have half a poem, some hefty frustration, and a blog concept born of said hefty frustration.

Several days ago, Artgirl blogged, and I felt the need to comment. She’d written something about Stanley Tucci, so I attempted to leave this message…

You're not even in the right age group for him to look yummy, but I am and you're right. It's the whole package that does it. Cute, witty, and silently hunky.

I typed in my google account ID and password and nada, typed it in again, and got a word verification. Now usually I love myself some VW because the words are hysterical and I try to make a definition up for the truly kewl ones. This time it was just irritating as hell, when it sent me back to the ID and password page, then to the VW page, then to the comment page with some inane message. I gave up, dropped Artgirl an email about her comment section. Then said what the heck and signed an anonymous post.

In all truth I’ve not had time to blog this week, so I wasn’t prepared when I stopped by Kristin (the new girl at Talk Thursday) to check out her blog and leave a little comment. Now I know lots of people refuse to comment, to me it’s my way of supporting the blogger. You get paid in comments. So after reading Kristin’s blog I wrote this comment.

Welcome to Talk Thursday, you are so ahead of me, I’ve yet to figure out how I’m going to address this topic.

I typed in my ID and Password and entered what I now refer to as, The Blog Spot Bermuda Triangle, except instead of my comment disappearing into some other plane of existence where I have to worry about breaking the time travel paradox if I want to retrieve it, I get the endless loop of revolving door form applications. Oh mi god, Betelgeuse was wrong, hell is trying to comment on blogger.

So I closed my browser. Opened a new one (because you know it had to be EI, not Blogger) and I began to comment again….

Welcome to Talk Thursday. I’m not sure what I’m going to blog about, but I promise I won’t put my finger (or thumb – gotta cover all bases) into the cigarette lighter.
You had to be there.And enter the self- induced blogger conundrum again. WTF? I know I can do this. Ergo, I closed the browser, opened a browser, and typed in….

Kristin, (poor girl is beginning to get a bum wrap and it’s not even her fault – Damn that Blogger) I’m not sure you’re going to get this comment, I’m having problems. Regardless, Welcome to Talk Thursday. Now to go figure out my spin on this topic.

And then it happened, the lightbulb when on and I decided to just comment with my name and URL… and so I typed in and clicked on comment.

Mut!% Fr!(%en (omm#&1 H#!!

Kristin, (honestly Kristin I know it’s not you, honest, even I have blogger) Blogger hates me, so I apologize (although you'll never know it) because my comments (although I've tried several times) are not being accepted by blogger. I now know how I will write this topic.... oh by the way, welcome to Talk Thursday - Cele

This time I just used anonymous and all is well – that is if you don’t want to include the fact that I have now not only stalked, but traumatized Kristin. Until the next time I want to post. So reality being as it is, I’ve no clue how long it takes a quick study to learn how to properly post to Blogger or switch to Word Press.

I do know that Stanley Tucci is cute, did you see him in Burlesque? Adorable.