Friday, September 24, 2010


It has been a long time coming, but I’m ready for my next tattoo. Although I have to say, “Darm-it, that hurt!” And no, it wasn’t my first tattoo, but this one was more painful. Would I do it again? You better believe it. I promised Psam, oh a year or two ago, that I would get her a tattoo for her 18th birthday. But the truth was, I couldn’t afford it… oh a year or two ago. So now I could. After seeing my sister-in-law Roxinista’s foot tattoo she and her step-daughter both got in February I had to have one. Psam, Miseray and I were suppose to go to Area 51, but the shop was closed on Monday (Miseray’s day off) and she couldn’t get today off, so it was Psam and I.

Psam had connected with Rustoleum by email to get a working understanding of her idea, a trinity knot inside an orbis. I waited until yesterday to finally get my email from Big-T saying he couldn’t really see the detail in the shot above, so he’d drawn up a few designs. I loved the lily (I suppose you knew that.) I knew being on my foot it would hurt, but ohmybloodyhell, he said I took it well.

Big-T has been tattooing for two years, Restoleum the same – both were welding partners before Rusty took up tattooing, on Thursday he tattoo’d the Brit (Miseray's significant other.) As both Psam and I sat in our respective booths we were told about this great Celtic knot that Rusty had done the day before, Psam and I both knew the Brit had been in and the were very pleasantly surprised to find out the Brit was a relation. You know the family that tattoos together and all that.

Psam will need to go back to have the flames added to the outside of her knot and orbis,

I choose a tiger lily in coloration. I still owe Miseray the first hour of her tattoo to come, so I may go with her and get a stargazer lily on my other foot or ankle.

Kudos to Big-T and Rustoleum of Springfield’s Area 51 Tattoos, I’m in seventh heaven, and Psam’s still giggling in joy.


BTW Sid, Rustoleum had the most beautiful Green Man Tattoo for you


Psamanthe said...

It was a fabulous time. Thank you for the experience... I don't think everyone gets to do something like that with their mom. I am totally in love with my tat and can't wait to get it finished. Rusty totally sees my vision.... and he's hot!

Cele said...

I am already looking forward to my next tattoo, I really think I will do a Stargazer on my left foot. Ducky suggested a vine with more flowers going above the toes on both feet to tie them together. Ouch. and a double hmmmmm