Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blessings - Happy Birthday Pinecone

The moments in my life that have over taken me with gratitude are actually numerous. I’m blessed with amazing parents who gave me an amazing start in life full of bruised knees, bad choices, stern lectures, forgiving kisses, love hugs out of nowhere, opportunities, love, encouragement, love, and have I mentioned uncomplicated love? In my life I have been loved, hmmm by at least two men, and a third husband who has accepted me for all my flaws and faults, salty mouth, and consuming heart. He takes the best, embraces the worst, and gives me his all. He shares with me life’s up, and life’s downs. I have a beautiful daughter has stuck with me through thick and thin, shared laughter, learning, joys, and tears and still counts me among her best friends. Then the cherry on the whole thing, she gave me a one of a kind, out of the blue, incredible grandson. I am blessed, amazingly blessed.

There are those reoccurring moments of clarity when I see how truly beautiful and amazing my little sister is. She is incredibly kind and loving; sharing and giving; gracious and supporting; she is wise and learned.
I am blessed. When I have a family problem I go to her. When husbands have walked out she listened and supported and then went out on the town with me. Then she found me a husband that is right as rain.

Pinecone’s life has been very different than mine, while I’ve been married three times, she found a man who has stuck with her through thick and thin. While I had one healthy, durable child; her two beautiful sons suffered devastating medical dilemmas at extremely young ages. To the world she showed a back bone and constitution of steel while inside I know she had to be crumbling. I think the only time I saw her cry was when she handed two-pound Arnie to me with his gangling arms and legs flailing beyond the palm of my hand at two months old – she had finally been able to bring him home. At the same time her first son was battling the effects of spinal meningitis at age one. Both are healthy, durable and well adjusted young men because of Pinecone and the Cap and Crown Guy.

If you had to pick a sister to walk through life with, Pinecone would be the perfect fit. She is young at heart, funny, sexy, football craving, hard working, nurturing, singing, practical, silly, and loud. Since she was a baby she has been cute, adorable, fun, awkward, boyish, ladylike, and up to a challenge.

Happy Birthday Pinecone, my dear friend, my sister.