Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talk Thursday: Equinox

Equinox: a day of even daylight and darkness, the beginning of good sleeping weather. I adore the long darkness of autumn and winter, the fires that warm my home when old man Winter blows with his winds most fierce and a bone chilling cold. But those days are still weeks away, now is the time of the final preparations before hibernation.

Equinox: the end of the warmer summer months (c’mon, I live on the Oregon Coast we’re lucky if we get three days in summer that hit into the nineties.) Rain has been falling off and on for several weeks now, since mid August, leaving us who had looked towards the wonder of September scratching our heads longing for what was not – four weeks of amazing weather as we listened to prep football games and tailgated during the college gridiron start. Salmon are running in the Siuslaw, anglers watch from the rocks the returning numbers jump against the current as they race to their ancient homes to spawn and die.
Look inside the circle... fish splash... my camera's not fast enough for the fish.

Equinox: the beginning of a season of cold. My flowerbeds are falling asleep; the weeds seemingly have awoken for one last hurrah, soon my tulips will be in the ground, my hand rakes and trowels put away until late March.

Equniox: The demarcation into the last quarter that will herald the end of 2010. Crap, Christmas is almost here.

Obviously I had no idea where I was going… except to bed.