Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Staycation Part 1

"Some” people have a problem with “staycations” not me. Ducky and I take a staycation every two or three years. Yes, we realize it’s not the same as vacation, but it gives us the time to do things that don’t get done on those short two day weekends and please remember I’m in radio, there in no such thing as a three day weekend. Nada.

Saturday began with Oregon’s blowout over Portland State, which had followed last weekend’s blowout of Tennessee, preceding a tremendous football season kick off with a blowout over New Mexico. I do not enjoy blowouts; I can’t believe that any school would pay to have their players slaughtered on the gridiron. I mean really, is the money that worth it? I remember when the Ducks were the blowoutees and not the blowouters – it wasn’t fun, I hated people putting down my Ducks and those were just the fans. So Saturday afternoon when the September rains were giving Ducky something to bitch about (my lawn is now green and I apparently don’t water enough during the summer despite what the water bills says) Burp, Ducky, and I tailgated in the living room and watched a blowout.

Since Ducky and I have been together he’s said he use to fish, misses fishing, wants to fish again. So for our anniversary I did what any well attending spouse does, listen to eighteen years of wishing and made it so. I bought him a fishing pole, tackle box filled with an assortment of hooks, sinkers, spinners, sesame honey bars, pliers, and the three hottest lures on the Siuslaw. I also got him a reel and 20 pound test (yes, I realize my mistake… now.) There they sat, I asked if he’d wound the test on the reel, and it sat. Finally I did it myself, promised some weekend fishing with Burp and last Sunday morning, off we went.

It had finally stopped raining as we drove to Munsel Lake, the location sucked. We drove further north (a whole three miles from home) to Sutton lake and walked down to the dock. After setting up Burp’s pole we watched him sadly cast his line three feet from the dock. Ducky demonstrated a cast or two, talked Burp through it and we watched as each cast improved. Then I asked if I could try. I think I’m hooked. Then the rain began, kind of light Burp kept casting. A little more rain, Ducky would cast. I think I’m hooked. Ducky wants to fish the Siuslaw, Salmon are beginning to run.

Last night we went to the final concert of the season at the Cuthbert. I had scored tickets through work, because it’s on a Tuesday night and I don’t take days off from work for anything…okay I did for cancer, but I mean the other crap, I took a staycation. We met Pinecone and the Tooth and Cap guy at the concert, my friend Sue was a few blankets down and the night rocked. The sky was cloudy but rain held off as night fell Heart took the stage and it was magic. Short, but all the same magic. I’d show you a picture, but it is locked in side my phone, darn I don’t have texting ergo I can’t send my pictures to myself. Bummer dude.

Today it was cutting brush at my moms… tomorrow breakfast.

The staycation continues…