Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk Thursday: Inspiration


Comes in many forms, unbidden, unseen, and oft times unexpected. I have probably three blogs in a semi form of begun, all inspired by something: heard on the radio; read that enlightened my soul or ignited my ire; a sunset red in the western sky; the stars that rotate nightly, seen or not, over my hot tub. Sadly, my time seems to get eaten up by something other than blogging, for there they sit in stages of unfinished disarray.

My inspiration comes from the people surrounding my work-a-day world. From the thoughts and burdens of people inhabiting this green globe, their hearts poured out in quarts and bushels, a spreading stream of light and shadows sculpted of words that flow conscious across the realms of the internet. I love words, I love stringing them together to paint pictures in English with a serf font.

Inspiration comes in blooms and weeds, of minutes spent in my garden where I turn the earth, remove the weeds, appreciate the flowers that manage to push their way from the earth despite my tending.

Oft times I sit. Blank. Trying to remember the amazing thought I dreamt that hangs just on the edge of my memory, nagging me to death.

Sometimes, Inspiration needs a cattle prod.



foundinidaho said...

Well, I need a cattle prod then. Well, at least my inspiration does too. Goal is to blog this weekend. We will see. Hugs!

Psamanthe said...

When you get that cattle prod, I think you need to line us all up and hit us with a little "inspiration".

Humor and Wit said...

Inspiration can be hard to find. I try other creative things, like baking, gardening, painting, etc. It's a constant quest. Love your writing style. Enjoyed reading your blogs.

Cele said...

Fii - I miss your blogging. Please come back soon.

Psam - You'd enjoy that a bit too much I think. But, yeah a prod is too oft need.

Em - Welcome and thank you for your kind words. May I say I am in awe of your brush strokes and use of color. While writing is a creative outlet for my soul, ripping out weeds is a pressure outlet for my angst.