Friday, June 11, 2010

Talk Thursday: Ending... Beginning

This is my third start on this topic, but I think I’ve finally got, thank you spring, but Julieann’s Forgotten (and no that isn’t a nod to this week’s topic) may be a better fit. It is June 11th, what a beautiful sunny day, sadly it is only the second sunny day we’ve had in weeks and the sun didn’t come out until well after 2 o’clock. Once in a while we have a wet summer on the Oregon Coast, it’s been a while since the last, so this maybe one of those.

As noted it’s Oc, No, June 11th. We’ve had 7.46 inches of rain. No, not for the year - in June. So, you can understand my confusion. I use to have a 70’s Ziggy T-shirt that read, “The Oregon Rain Festival – June 1st through May 31st” I wish I had that T-shirt back. Last weekend we drove inland for a graduation party in Lowell (a 90 minute drive… okay Ducky was driving, it took two hours) the sky was blue and so sunny - the morning was promising. We were totally under cloudy skies by the time we turned onto Beltline. It was still a lovely day, just cloudy. One of those days you felt the warm threat of a thunderstorm hanging on the air. But sincerely, the ending of spring seems like the beginning of autumn this year.

Sunday morning dawned, bullshit, it didn’t dawn at all, it was endless dreary rain. Sunday night it began pouring. It was lovely to sleep to, I’ve not had to water my lawn once and did I mention it’s Oc, No, June 11th? The nasturtium in my hanging baskets are very promising, and as long as it doesn’t quit raining they will be beautiful and full fill their all summer long. Unless it stops raining then they are doomed – I’m sure to forget to water then (there’s that forgotten thingie again) just out of hydro-phobia. Not hydrophoby like in “Old Yeller” but total fear of water after this deluge of rain.

Tomorrow there is a forecast for sunshine. HALLELUJAH! Ducky will be burning brush at my mom’s. I’m going to weed my garden (friggin’ grass is growing in my garden) because the rain is going to start again. I know it is, I write the weather forecast all the time. I watch the satellite maps – and there’s the fact I’ve lived on the Oregon Coast for 37 years. Tomorrow will be sunny, the wind will pick up by 10am, it will really blow by 2pm. Sunday will hold promise and then the clouds will bank up, the sky will darken, and it will rain. I’ve seen the satellite maps. Plus you know the end of spring is the beginning of autumn and tomorrow is Oc, No, June 12th.

Welcome to the Oregon Rain Festival – June 1st through May 31st