Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Talk Thursday: Forgotten

This should be a nod to common sense, maybe it will nod to the apparent lack of common sense in our society. I was working my suduko puzzle yesterday during my air-shift when I heard this commercial during the top of the hour news.

Sidebar: My doctor told me a long time ago that if you have to learn about a drug from TV or radio, you don’t need it. I immediately understood what he meant. Drug salesmen are lobbyist in the medicinal field. So…

Imagine my reaction when I hear this in my headset “… men do you frequently urinate? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate?” I missed the rest of the commercial because I was laughing. I hope Ducky wakes up to urinate…and moves into the bathroom before commencement of said activity, because if not our new mattress and very comfortable marriage will suffer. Who wrote that line? Did they think about what they were writing? Part of my job is writing ad copy, in radio you have two medias to work with to get your message across, your ad copy and the background sound, i.e. sound efx and music. In thirty seconds I have to condense the message and sell you on the product. If I’m laughing I missed 15 seconds of the commercial and the long forgotten message.

Tragic veer…

BP has so “graciously” agreed/announced/had their arm bent until the called uncle and said they would not be paying out dividends for the remainder of the year. “Ya, think?” Decency has been forgotten by big oil. Oh, wait. Big oil and decency don’t tend to go hand in hand in the same sentence, same season, same industry, same universe. Obama is being slammed for not having reacted sooner to the “oil spill.”

Side bar: Oil Spill. Isn’t that an understatement of monstrous proportions?

I don’t understand what Obama was suppose to do? Maybe that is me being ignorant. Maybe that is me being na├»ve. I’m not sure. What I do know is this: Had Obama stepped in and took control of the situation in the Gulf Coast he would have been slammed for his government over stepping its boundaries.

Now Republicans are slamming Obama for proposing Cap and Trade “Job Killing” legislation. First off Americans make up your mind and stand your ground. Are you green or are you firmly stuck in the LaBrea Tarpit formerly known as the gulf coast? Secondly, Cap and Trade is seasons old – get behind it or come up with something better, but shut up until you have something positive to offer to the dialogue, something that moves “us” forward as good stewards of earth, our home, the only planet we have. Don’t be “green” because it’s “the” thing of the moment, be green because it is it is a) the right way to be b) what your soul demands of you. If you’re not green, don’t want to be green, and think green house gas is nitrous oxide you need to quit reading this blog. It’s not for you.

Most people can’t afford to buy a Volt, or a hybrid, but you can ride your bike more, walk more, or drive less. There are ways you can join the revolt against waste, planet abuse, and planet ignorance. Just as much as plugging forever the gushing death-hole in the gulf, there are little things that added together make a huge difference. But just like change, personally making a difference starts at home. Don’t be among those who forget, make a choice, make a difference, make an impact.

Wild veer…

While it’s not wildly popular I am all for paying my fair share of taxes. Not your share, not his share, my fair share and I expect you to pay yours. Have you heard/seen the commercials where the lady is sitting in the darkened room, wringing her hands, and in a weak addlepated voice whines, “They took the last $40 from my checking account.” Lady you made the money pay your fucking debt. I do. That is the maddening part, the humorous part is that they have the woman wringing her hands in a strategically lit room as to hide her identity, small print at the bottom of the screen let’s you know it’s an enactment by a professional actor. I forgot what my point is. Crap I’m so pissed the lady is whining because SHE, like Willie, didn’t pay her taxes.

Have you heard the national radio commercial from the company that claims they can help reduce your credit card debt by cutting you a deal with your creditors and give you one low payment? “Call us if you owe more than ten thousand dollars in credit card bills. If you owe less than ten thousand do the right thing, pay your bills…” Excuse me? So it’s not the right thing to owe under ten thousand dollars in credit card debt? Forgotten – responsibility, accountability, and decency.

I’ll let you know where I rant next time. Until then,


JulieAnn said...

Interesting. Many people are like this--but sometimes there's more to the story than meets the eye.

I finally did TT...maybe the wrong topic? But the right day I hope (it IS Thursday, right? ) UGH.

foundinidaho said...

I still like Barack Obama, and I approve of this rant. Now I don't have to type it, because I'd say 99% of the same things.