Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Psam!

Apparently it drives her crazy when I call and sing Happy Birthday to her. Well, I don’t sing Happy Birthday, I sing the Birthday Cake Polka - replete with my own lyrics, because I learned the song when I was five, and that was a very, very long time ago.

My baby turned 4 and 30 years today. The Olympics also started today. When Psam was born I had her name all planned out, I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I was having a girl. I worked out a series of names, clashed with her father on potential monikers and we decided to split the difference. If she was a girl I’d name her if she was a boy, it was his call. There are things a mom just knows… her future name was apparently not one of them.

That February night 1976 I lay in the hospital bed watching the Olympics and really not sure what I would name her… and then a German Downhill (or maybe it was Slalom) with a name I’d never heard before hit the slopes and my tv screen in that small Florence hospital room and she had a new name. Sheesh if I’d seen Ryan’s Hope by then she’d have been named Siobhan.

My life has been made forever better with the birth of my daughter. She has been there through thick and thin. Shared my trials and traumas and shared some of her own with me. I cannot imagine life with out my beautiful little girl.

Now she has her own ray of light and joy… and I’m blessed she shares her Burp with me. Happy Birthday Psam… and thank you.

Love with all that I am,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Psam :)

Maya said...

That was sweet! Happy Birthday Psam!