Thursday, February 11, 2010

Talk Thursday: Spinm

Several news items laid the seeds of this week’s topic, beginning with the arrest of 10 Baptist Missionaries trying to – excuse me, regardless of what they call it, it was – kidnap 33 Haitian children on January 29th. Yes, I realize their intent was good, but really how would they feel if a bunch of Haitians came into Idaho and took kids to say B.C.? They would be outraged. I was pretty disgusted at their arrogance, but even more appalled when someone in the group said, “We expect God’s will to be done and we will be released.”

Excuse me? Next I expect Oral Roberts to rise up and say God sent me back to raise that 3 million dollars. Baptist aren’t among my favorite revivalist, this just pissed me off more, the arrogance. Yes, they were trying to do-good, but respect the law, respect territory, and don’t think you are better just because. Yes I realize they will be released, if the devastation had been less, I doubt they’d have their freedom.

Now I hear that Elizabeth Edwards is suing Andrew Young for the demise of her marriage. But she won’t sue if he donates $200K to her foundation. I had some respect for this woman, before, now none. Why? Her husband is the one who had the affair, yes the lackey lied about his role – hmmm her husband’s lie was bigger. Her husband and his “videographer” had not just an affair, but also a child together. Should I go into all the wrong things with the “videographer”? Maybe later, because there is plenty, but excuse me lay blame where blame rightfully lay. Second, can we say EXTORTION? WTF gives her the right to extort money from a liar that isn’t her husband. I say take John Edwards to the cleaners, and don’t blame someone else for his faults.

Spin, Crap in the media we deal with spin everyday, says the woman in the media. I’m sure I do my share of spinning, especially when you consider I like to have a silver lining come out of all things negative. But I watch what is happening nationally and I shake my head in mind numbing amazement. We live in a two party system, as an independent it is a system I am increasingly at odds with. The Republicans won’t play bipartisan, claiming two elections and a defection shows the people are fed up. The Democrats claim they have the pulse of Americans and will pass health care reform. I believe health care reform is a must. But when a political party has to bribe their senators to get on board with the Democratic vision of health care reform, there’s a problem. Earmarks and porkbarrels should not be an option to obtain a vote. When Republicans continually demean, naysay, and talk political smack with out ponying up to the table with a proposed recommendation or solution I say BS. Both parties blame the other guy never owning up to what they are doing wrong or failing to do. My question, “When does this become about the American people?” Spin that.

This week’s bizarre word wise turn of events comes from singer, songwriter, idiot extraordinaire John Mayer, who in one Playboy interview has managed to upset people past and present in his life and probably a slew of people who were potentially in his future. Why? I don’t think it’s because “He’s John Mayer” I think it’s because he’s a tunnel visioned ignorant idiot. And I’m waiting to see how he’s going to spin this. He has begun by apologizing profusely to the people he’s verbally abused and offended. My mom always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself,” John you should have taken a note from my mom. I guess he’s really not, Waiting For The World To Change. I figure he didn’t think he was saying anything wrong until the firestorm erupted burning the walls of the microcosm that is his belief and value system.

The thoughts above are the opinions of the management and sounded coherent in my head, I hope they make you stop and go hmmmm.



Anonymous said...

You hit on all the news items that made me hit the roof last week.

Baptists kidnapping kids at the height of tragedy? I don't care if they'd have a "better life" in the US. I don't care if parents signed their kids away. Do they have to go and make Idahoans look like they're crazier-than-Utah?

Don't get me started on Oral Roberts.

Yep - John Edwards is the man who's the absolute scum and should lose everything. Not sure why she's taking it out on Young.

Fuck bipartismanship. Democrats have the chance to lead. So LEAD, dammit. Don't sit back and ask for beatings, and then sit back and ask for more. Jeebus.

John Mayer. Idiot. Amazing how someone so physically attractive can be so emotionally and intellectually repulsive. Gawd, he makes my skin crawl.