Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100 Things About Me – the 2010 Edition

1) Wow, I’m getting older
2) I’m not bemoaning the fact
3) Each year counted I embrace
4) Because I worked darn hard for each
5) I am looking back, looking forward, and looking around
6) Where I am is a happy place
7) I am loved. I love. I am content.
8) But, mortality is often in my thoughts
9) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of dying
10) I’m afraid of not making the most of my time
11) And fear that I am missing what is most important to give my time to.
12) Lately I embrace the days I get to be lazy
13) Yet, I can’t imagining retiring
14) I love my job, it’s the best job in the world
15) Not that I’m close to retirement
16) I have only been at my job for twenty years
17) But I would love more time to work in my garden without becoming exhausted by it each Sunday night
18) My retirement – years away – would give me that time
19) The other scary part, I have come to learn I am LAZY
20) When I retire – in years to come – there will be tomorrow to get it done
21) Unless I die the day after I retire – in years and years to come – and then it won’t matter
22) There’s about eighteen more years of full work ahead of me
23) So I guess I have time to figure it out.
24) It would also give me more time to blog
25) But would I still be interested in blogging? It seems more and more bloggers are dropping out blogdom and into twits and tweets.
26) Lately I have noticed that the members in my internet life are changing
27) My focus is changing
28) Of late I have lost me time, blogging time, reconnecting time.
29) No one uses ICQ or their MSN anymore it’s all Facebook
30) Facebook is boring, the conversations shallow
31) I want deeper reading than twits and tweets allow
32) I want to see the thoughts and workings behind the events in other people’s lives
33) I miss my morning blog
34) I’m really considering ending my Wednesday Links
35) I’m fairly certain no one will notice – it may be a done deal.
36) It would give me more time for TV, Ducky, and Blogging.
37) My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory
38) I gifted seasons one and two for Ducky at Christmas so I we could watch it
39) But he loves Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny too.
40) I still love Deadliest Catches
41) Rest in Peace Captain Phil – you passed from this plane far too young
42) I’m finding other TV shows boring, but I am trying this season of Survivor.
43) My Favorite ice creams are polar opposites – French Vanilla and Brownie Thunder… ergo I live for Friday night
44) That is ice cream night in our house
45) Ducky stuck a lit tea light into the middle of my birthday cake sang Happy Birthday to me
46) Tonight is Monday, so I got German Chocolate Cake topped with French Vanilla Ice Cream
47) That is after Ducky took me out to dinner
48) Then I came home to phone calls from my girls, and Pinecone
49) Burp sang Happy Birthday to me in both English and Spanish
50) I was majorly thrilled.
51) Did you know majorly isn’t a word? It should be, maybe I should invent it.
52) Wow, number 52 and I am only just mentioning I still hate snakes, some things never change.
53) With every year’s passing I adore my sister more (Pinecone is no snake)
54) I see parts of me in her, and parts of her in me
55) I see a vivacious woman, where a shy little tomboy used to be.
56) My sister is one of my dearest friends and I’m blessed.
57) I miss having Psam in my everyday life (Psam isn’t a snake either)
58) Major digression, could you imagine having a snake for a daughter? It happens, I’m blessed
59) As much as I miss her I willingly give her to her life and want the best for her and Burp
60) Each moment we get to spend together is divine.
61) Once I bemoaned having a stepdaughter, Miseray lived up to her name, now she is a delightful young lady. Sometimes negative energies morph into butterflies.
62) In the last few years I have noted a refining and redefining in my spiritual and religious beliefs
63) The basis of those beliefs and how I interpret what I believe, where I stand, and how I proceed are more open.
64) And I’m finding while I’m willing to talk about them, I am open to discussion and to change, I don’t have to validate my beliefs to someone else.
65) I revel in the universe
66) Over all, I still embrace my Quaker beliefs.
67) Although I’m a bit more abusive than I use to be.
68) Numerology long ago laid out before me that my life lesson is anger.
69) I do not hit in anger
70) That’s not to say I’ve never hit in anger – that would be a lie
71) But I do slap a shoulder in jest or mock anger
72) That has to stop, I do not accept it as acceptable behavior.
73) Scary this year’s 100 is more serious
74) WTF did my humor go? I like my humor
75) I asked Ducky for a Yoga DVD for my birthday
76) OMG am I out of shape
77) The instructional portion on the first of three disks, you know the one that you take a moment to learn the poses, kicked my ass
78) My gosh I’m out of shape – crap there’s more ahead
79) But worse I don’t think my lower back will allow me to do some of the poses, i.e. Upward Facing Dog
80) And then there is the whole disregard for strength shown by my biceps and triceps
81) Did I mention I’m out of shape?
82) So I jumped on my cross trainer and could only get out a lap. Paaathetic!
83) I will go at it again tomorrow – snakes popping up on the DVD would help alleviate my problems, but I don’t that is likely to happen
84) Early last week I’m fairly certain my father visited me
85) How do I know it was him? I don’t – outside of that place in my heart
86) But I felt him four times that morning. The first two times he sad down on the bed next to me. The other two he tapped the comforter covering me
87) I was comforted by his presence
88) Call me a kook, but we are not alone. Just as Mulder and Sculley.
89) Before that the last time he visited me was in my sleep just a few weeks after he passed.
90) No it wasn’t a dream, he’s been in my dreams, this was different.
91) Music this year, I still adore Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting, and Dave Matthews. Duffy has a new disc coming out this spring, I hope it’s as good as the last. CSN is still my all time fav.
92) Movies, I wanted to go see Sandra Bulloch in the Blind Side but I missed it at the theatre here. I will ask for it for Christmas. There’s really not that many movies I’ve wanted to see in the past year or so.
93) Our trip to Vegas was everything we wanted it to be. This year our focus will be Miseray’s wedding to the Brit. (He’s a keeper.)
94) I watch a lot of DYI network anymore.
95) Because of my gained knowledge from the DYI network I have to pull up the pavers in my hot tub courtyard and re-lay them this summer.
96) Plus we are going to build a pergola over the hot tub. I can’t wait
97) You think I could find Josh Templin or Ahmad Hussin – not. I could always use the knowledge and help… plus their checkbook.
98) Oh and in the past few months I broke my over the counter sleep aide addiction. There are times I miss it, but now I can take a pill – not two – and get a good night sleep on Saturday night if needed.
99) It took me three or four weeks to begin sleeping some what normally.
100. Did I mention my uterus is falling out?
Ah, the fifties.


Steven said...

What a way to wrap up the first 99 with what you say at 100. That showed me you still have plenty of humor in you. ;-)

Cele said...

Well while having your uterus fall out shouldn't be funny... crap it is and that's is how I meant it. Thank you.