Thursday, July 02, 2009


Remember when you had to make friends on the playground or with the kid sitting next to you? Moving to a new school was a nightmare the day before your first class, whether you were in kindergarten or high school. Of course it was the grades inbetween that were the worst.

Once Natalie asked me, and not unkindly...this is taken totally out of context, if I have any real friends. She meant in the work-a-day world, not just on the net. I know it sounds so nasty but Natalie is dear to me and I'm pretty certain she likes me too. Today, in my adult world, I meet friends in a new way. Through the internet. Some of those dear friends, Rose, I've never met face to face - she being in PA and I, well here in paradise. Peggy, because I've not been to Colorado nor she to Oregon. And Natalie, because she has a crazy insane schedule. Other times I am blessed to meet my internet friends and family. For an hour, an evening, a day or a week spent discovering and enjoying each other.

In May, Tewkies and Maya came for an overnight visit on the second leg of the Sea to Shining Sea Tour. A delightful evening. Sadly I didn't get a picture of us together to commemorate the event and friendship.

Last night Ducky and I spent the evening indulging in pizza and new friends. I'd really been looking forward to meeting Found In Idaho, whom I oft refer to as Fii. She, her hubby B, and Big and Little Bits (it was a B family invasion... ha ha I just realized how true that is) were staying in Lincoln City, about 72 miles north of Florence. We set six o'clock as the meet time at Abby's. Had great pizza and a delightful evening of friendship. See...

I look forwards to more.




foundinidaho said...

You look great - I look - well, like I'm on vacation I guess! It was great to meet you and Ducky (neat guy - he really is just Ducky!) - next time we get over here we'll have more time to visit. I think I want to stay closer to Florence to explore more of that beautiful part of the coastline.

Cele said...

Actually you both looked awesome, relaxed and well vacationed. Ducky and I enjoyed our time spent with you and pizza. Thank you for not freaking when I decided lungs were the best place for pizza crumbs.

Please come to Florence, that would be most awesome.

Maya said...

It was great getting to meet you in person! No pics though...

Janet Kincaid said...

When bloggers meet, it's a thing of beauty! Glad we were able to meet you and spend a lovely evening with you and Ducky and Arlo in your home.

Maya is photo averse, but if I have one of us that's just our shadows. I'll send that to you and you can post that, if you'd like.

JulieAnn said...

I remember the first time we met...loved having breakfast with you--you are such a star in my life! I love you , lady.

~Your 'real' friend, JA

Steven said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time. And it was great meeting up with you in SF. And the "topper" of the evening was when you thought you lost your cell phone but it was actually stored in that convenient, but sometimes overlooked, spot. :-)

Cele said...

Maya - I tend to agree, I always look forward to meeting my blogger friends, I've been extremely lucky in that court. Only one I've come to regret.

Janet - You are right and when it all goes great I look so forward to the next get together.

JA - You are adorable, and so is your cute DH (he's quite witty too.) That was a great breakfast and a lovely weekend.

Steven - My lost phone story is one I love to relate, I loved spending time with you and my other bloggers friends that weekend. It was a definate treat.