Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Update....

If this was Sunday night, this would be my weekend update. If I did weekendly updates. But per normal I'm a large, fluffy white wabbit without a wocket pawch. Would that make me a puka? hmmm.

Friday night I set my head to losing weight...which normally means I will eat low fat, stay away from the cookies and Australian licorice and gain weight. So after reading up I bought myself some Alli. We'll see how that goes. I also began my food journal... again, because for me that is a crucial tool of conscienous dieting.

I also set my head to getting my new cutting garden done.

See not far along after months of ... stop and go work.

The weather forecast was for high winds, Friday afternoon my friend Merlin the Windwand Man clocked 48mph winds. Saturday was forecasted to be as or more gusty*, so I wanted to get an early start.

For the first time in months, I put off my chores, put off my grocery shopping and was in the nursery by 10am buying the remainder of the blue stone for my path. I also picked up more lupin, echinacea, rudbeckia, cupid's darts, asteamaria, and speedwell (definately need more speedwell.) And oh mi gosh what do I find in the lilly garden?

The first lilly of the season...

By two o'clock, a four foot square of solid clay broken up I was ready for a break. Sitting on the deck enjoying some lemonade we kept hearing this raucous chatter and squawking.

Poor mama Flicker was trying to keep up with the demanding mouths of her young. Through the binos we could tell there were at least two. The old "squirrel tree"** is about one hundred feet or so from our deck (crap I don't know how far it is, it's farther than six inches.) My camera doesn't zoom in well enough.

We finished off the afternoon setting the foundation for our new solar fountain's base.

Sunday morning, wind was up early, we mixed the cement, fixed the solar pump's wire through some protective conduit, did our first pour only to find we'd threaded the wire through wrong. Can we say "Cluckster suck?"

Seriously we should be Laurel and Hardy. We worked out the wire, rethread it through and filled the base with the remainder of the cement.

Just to make sure it was still working we hooked it up.

It worked for a whole ten minutes. I don't know if the pollen clogged it up or what. But after blowing on it, knocking on the basin I couldn't get it to work.

So I picked up my toys and walked away. At least it is in, the cutting garden is closer to completion. Too kewl.


* Saturday the high wind was 58mph, Sunday 63mph, and Monday before noon it already had a high winds of 38mph.

**I named the snag the squirrel tree years before it became a snag. For years you could watch baby squirrels venture out from their nest in the tree at the start of summer.


Maya said...

I think working in the garden is probably the best "diet plan" a person could have! I wish I had a garden to work in...

btw, my WV: unflat. I guess that is your gareden with all the cool plants and stuff you have in it?

Cele said...

Unflat, I love it. That what you do after you get home from the nursery. You "unflat" your posies.

I heard you are flying away... have fun.

Maya said...

Thanks! I hope I do.

Steven said...

Food journals can be very helpful to determine what you may have too much of in your daily diet, i.e., too many starchy foods, too much pop. Gardening can be so therapeutic sometimes...until you run into snags.

Cele said...

Steven - While the Alli is working great, I agree food journals make the most important difference in my life and diet. I always do best when doing a food journal. The program I use gives me the perfect insight as to what I am truely doing diet and health wise.

Snags... ha ha if you only knew what my garden once looked like, the snag comment would make perfect sense.