Saturday, July 04, 2009

Talk Thursday: My Reason To Not...

I’m trying to think of what I may not, might not, have not, will not. And what would be my reason to not nots. It would have to be snakes, or maybe boredom because I’m usually up for most stuff, things, foods, and activities. Okay maybe I’m not up for all movies. My reasons to not see a specific flick are varied at best.

There are snakes, they keeps me away from Africa as well as movies. But then there was Indiana Jones and I adored him, but not his snakes. Well they weren’t his snakes because he abhors them as I.

Ben Stiller could be a reason. I have a lot of things to say on this but they are all insulting to the masses of Ben Stiller movie goers. And of course the exception to I can’t go and enjoy a Ben Stiller movie is Night at the Museum and it was good.

Blood, ooooh don’t like lots of blood in a movie anymore. I’m not sure why, I’ve never really been one for slasher movies. Of course there are guts. Guts gushing from ripped and slashed, blasted and gashed, gaping open wounds and ripped bodies. Nope, not into trailing organs as the main of supporting actor in a flick.

Violence. My husband adores violent movies. I’m sure volumes could be written about why, I will avoid reading it to keep my sanity and ignorance about why he loves violent, gory movies. He loved Starship Troopers I, II, and III. A violent movie heaped with blood, guts, and human organ trailing gore, space bug splats and gunk. And lots of nipple shots. Hmmm.

And I hate movies that insult my intelligence. Do not leave gapping whole in the plot in which a convoy of Panzers could track their way through and expect me not to see it. Have you seen Scwartzeneggers’ Collateral Damages? Big gaping wholes - aircraft carrier size holes.

In fact I want it tight, I want to have to think it though and find the plausible conclusion is supported by the facts of the movie. Don’t give me a villain that shows up ten minutes before the credits, unless you’ve supported that villain - as the villain since the opening scenes.

Movies where the characters are destine to totally embarrass themselves, and therefore me because they are too dumb to be embarrassed. Hate those movies. The embarrassment is unbearably painful to me. Ergo, I don’ t watch most popular movies.

Movies I have every reason to watch again and again… Love, Actually; The Mirror has Two Faces; Pride and Prejudice; Definitely, Maybe; N3mbers; and The Ultimate Gift. Almost anything with Sandra Bulloch, Hugh Grant, Sam Elliot (as long as he’s talking), Field of Dreams, The Postman, almost anything with Abigal Breslin (accept Little Miss Sunshine –double ugh.)

Reasons to buy it on DVD – special features and endless viewing opportunities when I’ve lost interest in the internet, all the popcorn I want at BiMart prices, herbal tea, and my jammies, Reasons to not go to the theatre, no special features, loud people with cellphones and annoying children, and the hefty price tag.

What’s your favorite movie and your reason to not…