Friday, June 26, 2009

Talk Thursday: Attitude Adjustment

Probably, everyone needs an attitude adjustment, but unless your mom and dad sat you down and pointed it out, most of us don’t notice just what adjustments need made. To me life is a continual progression of changes, and errrr, attitude adjustments.

Apparently I use to be a negative personality. My second husband pointed this out to me over two decades ago. I was pretty stunned. What, me negative? Worse I wasn’t just negative, but I was quick to make that negativity known with rapidly offered comments that I didn’t like a something and someone, or other some things.

Yes, even I had noted this distasteful quirk in my demeanor. Not that I needed to comment, not that anyone wanted to know… It was just, me. Not a very pleasant part either.

So I changed. Yes, there are people I don’t care for, there are things I don’t enjoy, but unless the conversation is deeper and more one on one, I keep my thoughts to myself. Most of the time my goal is to leave people smiling, loved, and happy.

On the other hand I am a bit of a homebody and yes, a loner so I don’t offend too many people with the lingering remnants of me past.

So I open my arms to you. Welcome you into my life, my home, and my heart. Oh and for Fii – WARNING - the weather is for sunshine next week – that means wind somewhere between 10 and 2… a lot of wind. And if it gets too hot in the valley (three days in a row) look for fog. Have a great vacation. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday.



Maya said...

I battle the temptation to be too negative too. It's a tough thing to change!

Steven said...

that was quite the omen for Fii. "Better look out for me when you get here, Fii." I hope you have a great time.

Cele said...

Maya you hardly seem negative. I like your bright sunny disposition.

Steven, we had a great time. It was a windy week, I believe Fii and family shredded kites at one point.