Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well Steve, now that you mention it...

I had never watched ice carving. The finished product has long enchanted me. And then Sunday morning as we waited for the auction to begin on the final day of the 2009 Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculping Championships they announced they were having an ice carving demonstrations.

First he explained the three day long process of freezing the 300 pound block of ice. Most ice has cloudy deposits locked inside. This he explained was because the water was still as it froze.

Instead of allowing the water to remain seditary in the process, the water is continually slow circulated leaving a clear block of ice. Except for one small pocket of cloud which they remove and fill will water for the final freeze

I tried to use my video function, okay I used my video function but it was a fuzzy video and I won't make you suffer.

I'll just let you see his steps. But it was really cool watching the chainsaw throw ice all over in a spray as he divided the wings. His sweeping arcs as he carved the neck. Amazing.
And then he poured water all over it and was done.


Maya said...

I've often admired those sculptures, but never got to see one being created.

foundinidaho said...

Chainsaws ROCK.

Steven said...

He did WHAT in the end? Shame on him to melt it away. He could have added that to the auctions. As long as the bidding went fairly fast. ;-)

Cele said...

Maya, I love watching them carve, whether it's wood or ice I am amazed.

Fii, chainsaws do rock... buzz, leak, and a multitude of other things too.

Steven, I've no clue what they did with it. I imagine it slowly melted during the auction. I'm not sure we went and mowed lawns.