Thursday, April 23, 2009

Talk Thursday – Found What I Never Lost

There are moments when it is easier to go with the flow, treading to keep a float until a moment to breathe, a space of peace, or a glimmer of hope floats by. Darn, don’t you usually find, before that happens life takes over and you are flapping those feet faster and faster, while your arms swish your hands back and forth trying to keep up? Swarmed, swamped, swooned. The struggle to get a firm footing once again, beyond the class four rapids that have become life, seemingly lasts an eon. Oh, heck why minimize…not an, but eons.

Last weekend I got to garden. In fear of becoming that old biddy with the pruning shears down the street, may I say, “Oh, joy.” Yes, I had work to be done - my grandma’s meds to dole out, my mother’s lawn to mow, and a book that I was in am in the midst of editing, but to get back to me all it took to become grounded and serene was a bunch of sod, some four packs, and a hand trowel. Okay, there was a shovel, a hand fork, and my new garden bench, but who’s keeping track? Ducky worked to pull out (hack up into bits and pieces and throw away…with a wicked gleam in his eyes and joyous glee) a dying Rhody and I dug up weeds, dead headed some tulips, smeared chicken manure (hmmm maybe that’s where the pink eyes came from?) around, and planted a lilies and cosmos.

It was glorious and suddenly I was back to me, dreaming my garden, burrowing in the soil, and smiling all the while. Well until that chicken manure flew into my eyes. I think I never really lost sight of what I wanted, what I needed, and what I have, but maybe I miss placed it buried under all the harried minutia of work and winter.

Spring may bring warm weather, outdoor recreation for others, for me it brings me peace, grounding, and immense joy… and like Eden, yes there's a devil and a snake in my garden, but one I married, the other eats the bugs.



Steven said...

Here's to an enjoyable Spring season for you!