Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Gardening Weekend of 2009

Spring is here, oh la la. It felt so good to get out and work in our yard, my mom’s yard, and put my new bench into my soon to be cutting garden.

We started the morning out cutting my mom’s lawn. This is something we have done every warm weather weekend since my father passed. It is enjoyable, my mother’s property is like a huge park, with a broad lawn,
little sitting nooks,
and different trees and gardens.
Right now it needs pruned something fierce.

Then we came home and worked on our own yard. As I’ve said many times before, I’m putting in a cutting garden… it started with the lilies Harley (one of my dj’s) gave me for Easter (what a sweet heart) and some new lily bulbs I bought dirt cheap at Bimart. They are right behind my new bench.

Knowing better I left my tulips from last year in ground… dumb, only a few are giving me blooms. I am destined to buy new tulip bulbs every year, it seems only the bright yellows and reds have any staying power year after year. And yet my snapdragons are hale and hearty, a perennial that has always acted like an annual for me. My echinecea are setting up new shoots (woo kewl) the lilies appear happy sending new shoots all over my garden.

Next weekend I will begin laying out my new cutting garden, beginning with a blue stone path. In the lily garden the blue stone path is greened with corisca mint, I am thinking about using a different creeper this time. Four cosmos sit to the east of the new bench in memory of Ducky’s dad who always had a ton to cosmos. My chain tree is waiting at the nursery for planting next week.

Oh, I feel the earth and green running through my veins and I’m estatic. So show me your plants, I want to see your green.


foundinidaho said...

I'm going to post a picture of my backyard, and you will like it. However, I must warn you that I didn't plant any of it and I am not imaginative with my plants. I may be asking for you to landscape my yard next year.