Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Birdfeeder

Okay, just one of my birdfeeders, because the other should be called a bear feeder. A few weeks ago Fii had some great pictures of birds at her feeder. I remarked that it was just like the last one my dad and mom gave me (extremely amateur birdwatching was something we shared.)

The next morning I hear this knock, knock, or heavy peck, peck at my bird feeder and I am thinking, damn jays. But it wasn’t, a woodpecker was at my feeder. Wow, a woodpeck – I wasn’t certain but I thought it might have been a Hairy, which are fairly common around my woods. Before I can get my camera he is gone, no picture.

As I’m sitting the next morning at my computer and I hear knock, knock, knock (definitely knocking.) I get excited, grab my camera, and run to snap a picture… and it isn’t a woodpecker, it isn’t a stellar jay, no it’s a flicker (cousin to the woodpecker and very, very common in my neighborhood.) My damn batteries are dead. Deader than a door nail. I take them out of my camera, put them in the charger, and then into my camera that night.

No more large birds on my finch feeder. Bummer dude.

Until today, when Ducky getting ready to rip sod out for my new cutting gardens excitedly tells me there’s a woodpecker at my birdfeeder. And a very indulgent one at that. She (I’m thinking) allowed me to walk fairly near to take her pictures.

Now I’m thinking she’s a Three Toed Woodpecker because of the laddering on her back and spots on her wings.



foundinidaho said...

Oh...cute! While we were in Yellowstone this weekend the damned squirrels figured out how to break through to my cleverly hung non-squirrel proof birdfeed and emptied it. The little bastards.