Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

Everybody Sing....Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail
Hopping down the candy trail,
Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its way!!!

Peeps that come in pink and blue, purple ones are just too new.
Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way.
Yellow peeps are right for me, you can have the pink you see,
Hippity hoppity EASTER'S On it's WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Easter's here, and I think you stink,
To request your Peeps yellow or pink,
If you want your Peeps, then take it or leave it!
Cuz’ I got purple, YES! Believe it!

Hop to it!!
Support Purple Peeps!!
From the Committee To Promote Endangered Easter Purple Peeps - CPEEPPS


Steven said...

What a great post of poetry for the season. Provided a nice chuckle as well. I hope your Easter was an enjoyable one!

foundinidaho said...


Cele said...

Steve thankyou, I wrote the ode to purple peeps a few years ago. BTW purple peeps are best consumed stale.

Fii - honey I've yellow peeps waiting for you.

foundinidaho said...

They're good, right? :)