Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talk Thrusday: Behind These Eyes

Sid thank you for a topic that really challenged me. I thought it would be easy, after three false starts I realized the error of my thinking.

Behind These Eyes

Curiosity seeks from behind these eyes
watching, peeking,
searching, seeking,
never resting,
never bored
always looking
for something more

Intelligence lurks behind these eyes
looking, reading
reaching, needing
ever soaking
ever learning
answers rife
to questions burning.

Lust smolders behind these eyes
gorging on your
hips and thighs
desiring thrust
desiring lips
oh run rampant
my fingers tips.

Wisdom grows behind these eyes
seeing, gleaning
gathering, weighing,
sagely quiet
sagely calm
learning what
to say not wrong.

Tired I am behind these eyes
working, tending,
healing, mending,
souls need
souls freed
in loving peace
I do believe.

Fulfilled I am behind these eyes
giving, laughing,
loving, breathing
sharing steps
sharing strife
memories made
on the road of life.

© 22 May 2008 Calista Cates


sideon said...

Well done, Cele! Love how you completed the last stanza.

Phoenix Touch said...

WOW, C! I LOVE this one. It's beautiful. I am curious... I am not familiar with this style of poetry. Is there an official name of its style?

Cele said...

Sid thank you, I tend to look at poetry as a cycle. Beginning, expansion, learning, completion.

Abgue, I believe it is metered happenstance rhyme from the Ruebeneque Cele period. Also referred to as, WTF it just sounded right to my ears.

Phoenix Touch said...


Cele said...

I think I am going to call it my....

Happenstance Celebenesque Period

afod said...

Beautiful prose that you have share with us Cele! And so appropo for your avatar. :-)