Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Ass In Elephant’s Clothing

It’s Primary day in Oregon, a totally vote by mail state, I’ve held on to my ballot now for two weeks. Why? Because, I am the procrastinator from hell. But voting is far too important to put off, my voice in an election, until never.

What has bugged me for decades is an election or party races being called by political pundits and the media weeks, even months, before everyone has cast their ballot. Drives me crazy. Why? Because, in essence it says my puny little vote in Oregon is redundant, worthless, a waste of my effort. This constant yammering about who is ALREADY the party candidate under cuts all my efforts to keep my husband voting.

Or actually from signing his voting envelop, because truth be told, I fill out his ballot and he just signs it. Oh, it’s not that I cast my wishes for him, I just listen to what he wants, and then force him to sign.

This year is a monumental election year, not only are the Democratic candidates the focal point for their politics, but one, if you hadn’t noticed, is a serious female contender, and the other a serious black contender. I fight labels and I hope that some day female and black won’t even be mentioned to delineate candidates, but this year it is hallmark.

My daughter called me in an emotional state this morning. I was thinking it was because she was still recovering from having her gallbladder removed, but no it was because she’d just cast her ballot in a monumental vote. Thinking back on her fourteen years of voting she said she’d never been as excited by the possibilities, before our nation, as she is today. That, and the joys of finally losing the weed that infests the White House. We talk a lot about gardening,

I have been a registered Republican since I was eighteen. I know, you’re mind boggled. I have never, will never, vote the Republican ticket, every thing Republican is repugnant to me. So why am I registered Republican? Because I come from Republican parents…AND I’M A PROCRASTINATOR from hell.

I think all the time about registering Independent, but never in time to act. Registering Independent will block me from voting party candidates in the primaries, and thereby robbing myself of endless entertainment at writing in Barrack Obama as my candidate vote on my Republican Primary Ballot.

Some days it just pays to get up.

Oregon State Primary Election Results



Jenniphur said...

If it makes you feel any better, my superhero name for myself is Wonder Procrastinator. My title is Master Procrastinator.

I'm glad you voted.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! Writing in Barack Obama on the Republican ticket. That's awesome.

Phoenix Touch said...

I am proud to say I actually registered this year. I would hate to tell my progeny that I missed out voting in this historical election. I am SO excited!

Anonymous said...

You make me smile.

Cele said...

Jenniphur, I knew there was a reason I liked you, besides the fact you're adorable, bad at bitch uno, obsessive about brushing your teeth and just so dam cute.

Shiggy, thank you, I may stay registered Republican just for the joy of such miniscule little barbs at the Republicans and all their arrogant fearmongering, elitist ways.

Abgue, always vote. Even when it seems dark and hopeless vote. I am glad you registered this year. Now I will ride your ass for eternity to continue to do so.

Sid you always make me smile, so we're even.