Thursday, February 07, 2008

John Flynn and Dover

It’s Talk Thursday and I’m suppose to be writing about “The Fiery Place”. I thought and thought and can’t think of a fiery place. But stay tuned, it could happen.

In my job I get to meet great, I mean really interesting people. This afternoon I interviewed, and was given the appropriate serenade ONAIR ah, the life of a DJ is hard, by an awesome singer songwriter, who before last week I’d never heard of.

Singer Songwriter John Flynn was dressed appropriately in black and carried a well-traveled guitar case in his left hand. And when I say well traveled I mean a beat up, water stained case stuck many times over with fragile stickers that the airlines apparently failed to read on several occasions. His smile was lovely, his grip nice, and his butt is a topic for another log. He opened the case, while wondering aloud if he should have checked it before leaving the terminal, the airlines are kind of hard on equipment. He pulled the guitar out of the case, strapped it one, and began tuning it up over queries and small talk.

Normally interviews are about ten minutes long, sometimes five if the interviewee is boring, talentless, or stinks. John Flynn was none of the above, the interview ran a good twenty minutes or so and included two songs. I love a man that sings to me. He is friends with Kris Kristopherson, Arlo Gutherie (you know the guy my dog is named after), and Willie Nelson. He’s written for some of the biggest names in the music industry, and he is incredibly down to earth. He is one of the few sincere people I’ve ever met who truly walks the talk.

He sang this song for me…er and my listeners. The acoustics were much better on air. Dover is his latest cut from his Two Wolves CD. This song gives me chills and tears in my eyes.

You can find out more about John Flynn and his beautiful music at or at his myspace page where you can listen to more.



Phoenix Touch said...

One of my favorite ways to pass time is to spend it in the presence of amazing singer/songwriters! Thanks for the share.


Peggy said...

Wow! What lyrics. What a song.

Cele said...

Angie, today I got to interview Lindy Grevelle, she is an amazing Oregon singer songwrite who has some great menopause songs.

Peggy, his song Big Boat Coming is heart breaking too, it's about a an elephant stuck in a zoo during a flood. heart breaking.