Saturday, February 23, 2008

Attraction Meme

I first saw this at CVRick’s, then JulieAnn jumped aboard, followed by Sid here’s the Attraction Meme of only four questions. Consider yourself tagged if’n you’re readin’ and wanna play, if you do let me know where, either there or here, your choice.

Now when Rick originally laid down this challenge he added that those playing needed to add a question of their own…so here goes.

What do you find the most physically attractive about another person?
Smiles that reach their eyes and handshakes that don’t smash my rings into my fingers, but are firm and warm. But in all truth I notice asses and thighs first.

When you talk to a lover, what’s the topic?
No topic should be taboo and that includes past relationships. I love talking about everything; I love debating, but not arguing.

What motivates your lover?
Hopefully a desire to be the best he can be, at whatever he choses to do.

What’s your own best attribute?
I’m not sure, physically my hands or my eyes. Personality I would say my mind.

What’s personality trait do you find the most desirable in a lover?
Compassion or a sense of humor. I’m not sure but they are both important to me.

If you play let me know so I can see your answers and add a question if you can.


Anonymous said...

Heh - I didn't follow the "rules" very well - I didn't add my own question.

Cele - I have THREE packets of morning glory seeds. I will put in the mail tomorrow.



Cele said...

Oh I am so loving me Morning Glory Seeds.