Thursday, December 13, 2007

Talk Thursday – Comfort in Chaos – aka The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Me

My House Is A Mass Of Confusion, my outdoor lights are still not up. My guest room, aka the executive room, looks like a clearinghouse, and my new room looks like Christmas half-baked. I haven’t had time to get stuff finalized. And except for the outdoors decorations and a few indoor bits and bobs I’m right on time this holiday season.

The Kahlua is have way through production, two and a half cases away labels, a half case awaits bottling, only a case of brew to go. But those darn labels haven’t let themselves be known to me. Not to worry, the ideas are brewing for me. I’m thinking a snowflake of some sort this year. I hope they turn out better than last year’s label. The idea was grand in my head, but didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted.

Christmas shopping for me began last March or maybe it was February. A friend was closing out his shop – a place I often get little gifts and stocking stuffers. I was very sad to see them close, this delightful couple bought the shop a decade or so and offered up the best candies, tawdry cards, and what nots. They always get a bottle of Kahlua Cali.

Stockings are my Holiday masterpiece. I adore stockings, putting them together with silly items and things that fit each person’s personality. My stocking items are lacking this year, that means a trip to the valley shopping with my mom on Monday will include a trip to the mall. Ugh, that means chaos in spades. I have personalized note pads, truffles, chocolate oranges, fluffy socks, pens and pencils, pins for the girls, wrenches for the guys, and flashlights. Not nearly enough.

My presents are half wrapped. Except for those darn bowls of candy. Original Chocolate Sins handmade truffles (a must in my household) and Empty Bowls. I need that shredded paper stuff for decorative filler, and oh crap I’m making some fudge and haystacks this year….er…I think.

Most of Ducky’s present was bought in May and June, because he has this habit of telling me I can’t buy him anything. He will force me to pinky swear spit to this insidious promise. I can do it with an open mind if they are already bought. Check him off my list – he’s pinkied and spitted.

The girls per normal are my quandary, but I know they will come together. Both Misery and Jen have requested Fiesta Ware. Friggin’ ex-wife. Psam, on the other hand, hmmmmm clothes; for my dad some Chopin and Beethoven. The little kids get trains. What to get my mom and my boss? Then there is the shipping. Seeing all my clients. Cleaning the house for guest. Those outdoors lights. Oh, crap I’m almost and not even near to done.

And then there is Christmas dinner. Was there suppose to be comfort in this? HELP!!!!