Sunday, August 26, 2007

CV Rick's Saturday MeMe

CV Rick’s Saturday MeMe was provoking to say the least. It inspired Wry to artistically run amok with a great post over at So here is the scoop…

♦ Go to Google images
♦ Type in your name (or in the case of Wry spend all Saturday evening being obsessive for our benefit)
♦ Post interesting image (with link) discovered during this search I love stuff like this, but the sad thing with my name is that I always come up with two things (or plurals of the same two things.)

Then I came up with books by my friends and those I have worked on

My station’s FM Logo

The Administration on Aging just loves me

Then I decide to Google my online name - Celebrindal

I came up with my online name because my wise daughter told me I should chose a name that is meaningful to me. I love Tolkien. Love Tolkien. I'm not rabid, not OCD (well at least about Tolkien.) I poured through my books and finally from the Simarrillion chose Celebrindal, which over time has been shortened to Cele.

And my girl friend’s Dog Zeus…or is this Venus is happy dancing, not for me, but because River Park went to the Dogs.

Usually when I google my name I get listings for naked celebrity photos. Happy dancing dogs are soooo much better. Happy Sunday.


Sideon said...

Loved your meme, Cele!

I never get naked celebrity photos - what's up with that??

I hope you're having a great weekend!

CV Rick said...

Really nicely done .. .

but . . .

couldn't you have posted one or two naked celebrities??

(j/k - really, I'm just kidding.)

Cele said...

Hell I'm not paying for nudie pictures of Calista Flockart, now Phoebe Cates maybe, but Calista Flockart, no way.

wry catcher said...

Nicely done!! I like the variety...and the name. Dog picture is too cute. :-)

Sideon said...

I've tried this and all the pictures that come up are boring.


Not one nudie shot, either.

One search using my formal first name (which is super secret and I'm not telling) turned up this, which I thought was kind of cute.