Saturday, June 09, 2007

I’ve Been Wry-ghtly tagged

Ha, ha this is a great twist on the MeMe, kind of a SidSid instead of a MeMe. So, I tagged my beautiful friend Sideon earlier this week, as MeMe Karma would have it I know get to blog eight things about Sid – Too Fucking Easy.

1) After splitting tequila shots, Sideon gives table dances.

2) Sid LOVES cheesecake

3) He writes some of the best poetry around, in a style that challenges me to step out of my own poetic mold and write uncharted waters. Sid is inspiring.

4) Sid is supportive, positive influence on the net, as I imagine he is in his real world. **sniffle**sniffle** away from us.

5) Sideon is the envy of several men on the internet because he is so popular with the ladies. I lie not, so Sid do not even deny it. Girls can I see hands? See told ya so. He’s so cute when he blushes.

6) Sid and his hunky Scott live 8 hours, 51 minutes (three pee stops) and five hundred thirty seven and six-tenths of a mile directly south of me. J But I smell more ocean than they do.

7) Sid’s BFF SML sketched an awesome likeness of the ever fetching Sideon from a picture several years old and has it on her website. What a handsome manly bloke.

8) Sid has not written us a most recent episode of Season of Truth. Why? Damn friggin’ good question?

8) Sid thinks Paul Blakethorne is hot. I have to agree, have you seen Harry Dreslin’ ass in a pair of worn levis? It makes the heart and other pulsing places go piddy pat.

8) Sid loves bouncy perky breastestesses

I have no one to tag…Oh Wait, I tag Sideon, he must write an 8 point MeMe on his BFF Sister Mary Lisa of the recently well unveiled cleavage :)

Wry my dear, thank you for the tag.


Sara Sue said...

This is sweeeeet! I'm loving everyone's answers!

wry catcher said...

I agree - totally fun! I am feeling like I am starting to know Sid myself.

Thanks for playing, Cele!

Cele said...

I almost told everyone he swallows. But I figured he'd kill me. Thank you for the tag Wry and Sue nice to see you here.

The Sacred Sister said...

LOL! Cele, you crack me up!! I am so with you on #5. All the men want to be Sid!
Gawd, that Paul guy is scrumptious! Sid has the best taste in men; I totally would swallow for that guy too.

Sideon said...

God.Damn.It! **laughing!!**

I thought I was blushing with Wry's post, but NO, Cele goes and ups the ante and even comments about SWALLOWING. :)

I have to plead the 5th now or anything else will be admissable. :)

Cele said...

Scared Paul Blackthorne is scrumptious isn't he? I love watching the Dresdin Files the man not only has a great ass, but he has chemistry too.

Sid I didn't tell them you swallow, I said I almost told them you swallow. But honey if you don't swallow what's the point.

I swallow - not that anyone cares, er well three husbands really cared.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh my. This is awesome.

I'm not sure if I can post a meme on Sid (as Wry has tagged me to do) since I already blogged about him and Thermop.

I shall do so anyway.

:) Great stuff, Cele.

Cele said...

Ha, ha Lisa yoy are falling behind, Jazzy tagged you too...but this time you get to MeMe yourself.

Jazzy said...

Great post, Cele.

Paul Blakethorne...I AGREE!!!

:) Jazzy