Saturday, June 16, 2007

Once Upon A Time...

I was driving down Highway 101 Tuesday morning on my way to the post office and happen to notice a guy on a Sting Ray bike waiting for the light to change. Now that in itself this pretty strange, I mean, who in this day and age rides a Sting Ray bike? It begs a chain of variable questions. I mean really he had to be 25 years old if a day. He was wearing fake leather and had a 36 inch bar chainsaw perched on his shoulder.

Only in Oregon.

Okay, maybe in Washington State. But not in LA. I’m thinking a guy riding a Sting Ray bike wielding a chainsaw would get little attention in LA unless he was cutting down an old growth Sago Palm. It could possibly happen in Texas, but the leather would be real.
NYC? I hardly think, what he was going to chop down the tree in Rockefeller Center? Get real.

Now it must be asked, just where did he think he was going, riding west (within one mile of the ocean) on a prehistoric bike, with a chainsaw? That’s a wee bit of over kill for trimming firewood.

When most people (aka those living outside of the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest, or Northeastern portion of the country) imagine in their mind’s eye a logger, they imagine some lumbering oaf, in tattered red and black plaid (kind of Al Borlan with out the nice beard,) who tracks mud and pine needles all over their mommies’ floor (could you imagine Al Borlan tracking anything in on a clean floor?) Most people are expecting the hard working, hard playing lot that they are. Most would never expect to find a chainsaw artist.

The magnificence that can come out of a chainsaw is incredible. From a hulking piece of Sitka Spruce, the beginnings

Give a chainsaw artist a goal and watch the chips fly and the magic come alive

Give a chainsaw artist a goal and watch the chips fly and the magic come alive

This year the Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Championship theme was Once Upon A Time…

Give 50 people a theme and you get 45 different concepts

Since I began going to the Chainsaw Carving Championships I have been in love with the incredible works. But last year I fell in love with the moose.

All year long I’ve wanted a moose. I’ve been eyeing these moose for three years. Last year as we walked back to the truck talking about the works of chainsaw art we’d seen I decided I
wanted a moose. A moose is kind of like men (or snowflakes) each one is different, so choosing is…well for someone as undecided as I am…difficult

So I went with the one with the most ‘tude dude.


JulieAnn said...

This made me happy:0)

Geat photos sweets. And BTW, thank you for all of your comments and kind, supportive words. I am finally able to get to my fav. blogs again after the move--yay!



Jazzy said...

Cool photos! I love the moose but the others are cool too!! I am not sure that I can choose a favorite. It's too hard.

Cele said...

JA I very much enjoy your blog and make sure I read it each day. You are provocative, insightful, and very open. Your writing hits touchstones that reach into me, rethink my position and revisite an insight or event.

Thank you about the kind words on my blog.

Jazzy, It was very hard to chose a moose, I really wanted the 6 foot tall one that cost $1600. Sadly it was a bit out of my budget. I'd set $300 for my limit, and actually the moose I ended up loving was far less and so I bought my dad a little bear for father's day.

I hope you enjoy your vacation this week, I look forward to at least Ice Cream on Tuesday.

Daisy said...

The moose are wonderful. i can see why you had a hard time choosing. Chainsaw artists come to our neck of the "woods" in winter -- for ice carving contests!

Sideon said...

Gorgeous pictures - I love the moose!

I'd love to see the wood carving contest AND an ice carving contest.

Cele said...

Daisy I would love to see an Ice Craving competition. Maybe I shall have to plan myself a winter vacation sometime.

Sid you should see the little bear I got my dad for Father's Day, silly me forgot to take a pic of it, but I shall. He is in love with it.