Thursday, June 07, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I’ve Been Tagged

By Sacred Sister. I know I feel the love.

Here it is - "I quickly write 8 random facts/habits about myself, and then tag 8 people. If I tag you, I hope you play.”

1) This is the biggest thing on my mind at the moment and I am kind of embarrassed about it. I had surgery yesterday and only told Natalie. Why? Because, I am stupid like that. No not for telling Natalie (because she is an awesome friend,) but for being embarrassed (I tend to keep a lot of stupid little secrets – but that means I’m pretty good at keeping the big secrets too.) Parents, please use sun block, make your children use sun block, especially your teenage girls. I had a little pencil eraser size basal cell carcinoma removed from my chest. It will be turtlenecks for the rest of the summer, which is really bad because I love showing skin and my still somewhat perky breastessess-ss.

2) I am boring. No really I am. I am horrible at small talk. I am the wallflower who sits and watches others, having no clue what to say, nothing important to say, and I hate talking about myself. Which people find unbelievable because I am also the idiot who will equate something you say to something in my life or about myself.

3) I’m a DJ, I know after number two you find that amazing. But I know a bit about yesterday’s music, American Idol, and will learn more, happily, about today’s music. I love music trivia. I love music. I hate DJ’s that blather on about absolutely nothing, especially blathering on about their favorite make out song from their incarceration in a Catholic Middle/High School. I find myself without anything to say. My friend Karin (who will get tagged in a moment) once asked if I was a funny DJ, so sad, I’m not.

4) I haven’t blogged about my Paris Hylton angst for fear of Paris Hylton Karma. Now I don’t know if that would mean I would get the full 45 days in jail to make up for her rich karma or if I would get new accessories that would show off my shapely ankle in a neutral tone of gunmetal gray or institutional beige to wear around my own house, but I’m not chancing it. Plus I have a nice relationship with the Florence PD, but this would not be a good way to meet the new police chief. The reality is, except her life has no consequence, who gives a rusty fuck about Paris Hylton?

5) Sacred was born on Christmas day, she’s a present to the world. I was born February 15th, I’m a left over sweetheart. Two ex-husbands can attest to that.

6) I hate the telephone. I hate talking on the phone. I hate calling people on the phone. But my boss says I give good phone. Apparently I am a natural flirt. I never thought so, but I have great phone relationships with media people in baseball, music, and attractions across the state.

7) I collect ostriches and dragons. Weird right. When I was in high school I was far from popular, with a last name like Furby – well you can imagine the nicknames. It is hard to turn them into a positive. But I got called ostrich because I am tall, had a bubble butt (cute bubble butts turn in to middle age fat butts,) and use to pop my neck constantly (something that is not so easy to do today.) I actually liked the nickname Ostrich, which was shortened to Ossie. Then my little brother bought me my first Ostrich. I love them. I have pictures, key chains, stuffed dolls, all sorts of Ostriches. Darryl gave me the cutest one (the very first) Dee gave me the kewlest stuffed ones.

8) I am terrified of snakes. I really am. When I was in the seventh grade we were at Standish Hickey State Park in Leggett, California. What a gorgeous snake infest place on the Russian River. My cousin Lenny lived with us that year. He was a snake fanatic and got bit by a snake in the water. Suddenly Dee (about age 8 at the time) started screaming (I was standing right next to her) snakes were squirming all over her feet and mine too. Zillions of snakes. (I can still see them when I close my eyes. They haunt my dreams. They scare the shit out of me. There is nothing ill-rational about my terror of snakes.) My dad ran in and grabbed her up, and carried her to safety (she’s was this little thing at the time.) I had to walk out myself. I don’t remember walking out, I understand why my dad had to take only her first. And I'm sure he would have come back for me, but I doubt I left him enought time to do so. I don’t hold a grudge, I just don’t remember anything after he picked her up and left. He doesn't remember the incident at all. My mom and Dee do.

A snake chased me Sunday in the front yard, I swear it did, Ducky said I moved really pretty damn fast from a full sitting position.

Now Sacred says I have to tag eight people. Most of those I know either don’t read my blog or are way to busy. So if you are tagged and can’t not a problem. If you do blog about your eight random facts leave the link in the comments.

I tag – Natalie, Sideon, Peggy, Jazzy, Lemon Blossom, Karin's Hubster, Jake, argh I’m short one.

Sith -


Sideon said...

Love the list :) I always wear sunscreen on my face, but I often forget my shoulders. Good reminder!

You're not boring. I don't believe it. Sorry. You can't change my mind :)

Paris Hilton is out of jail after 5 days because of a "medical conditition." Translation: the rich little beeyotch gave some judge a blowjob or else her daddy bought someone off. WTF-ever. I can't stand the woman, obviously. She has eclipsed Simon Cowell in terms of loathing.

I was born on Easter Sunday, 1968. With you and Sacred, I'm in very good company.

"I give good phone." LOLOLOL!!!

Can I sit out on this tag? Sara Sue tagged me with this, and I back tagged her, telling her she should blog about me. :)

HUGS to you.

Jazzy said...

Love your list!

I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. If I am in the sun, I do wear sunscreen. (Although I sometimes forget to re-apply)

You are anything but boring!!

I am with you about Paris Hilton!

"I give good phone!" LOLOLOLOLOL I may have to use that one!

Here is the link to my answers:

Talk to you tomorrow!

The Hubster said...

Okay, so I am just gushing over with joy at the thought of doing this. How will I ever thank you or better yet, how will I ever repay you?

!.) I am a perfectionist. I don't believe in doing anything half way. Yes, ladies, I mean anything. What is the point of doing a half ass job when with a little extra effort you can do so much more. I want to be proud of my accomplishments, small and large. It's just the way I run my life and have little patience for those who are willing to settle for less. I don't settle.

2.) I am a man of principal. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Lyrics from a country song that for me, ring true. I'd rather stand on my principals and take it on the chin than bend over and have to take it, well, you understand. In the end, I have to be able to look myself in the mirror and respect that which is the man looking back at me.

3.) I am intuitive. It runs through the family on my mother's side and I have it. Only in recent years have I worked at tapping into it. I can meet a person just once and know if they are to be trusted or not, honest or bull-shiter, and I am very, very rarely wrong. Recently, walking outside to get the paper, something moved me to check out our son's truck. I ignored the urge and started back into the house but then gave into it. He is on a provisional license with restrictions and let's just say I found evidence that he was not in compliance.

4.) I have no patience for stupidity or lousy drivers. When it is as plain as day and right in front of you, I expect you to get it. When driving, I expect everyone else to be paying attention too. If the light turns green, go. If you are in the fast lane and going slow, change lanes. Even if you are going the speed limit you must yield the right of way to the faster traffic. No one made you the traffic monitor. When entering the highway, especially a freeway, do so at the speed of traffic so as not to cause a backup or accident. If you change lanes into the fast lane then do it at a speed faster than what you were going in the other lane. Glad I got that off of my chest.

5.) I was late coming into this world by two weeks and missed Valentine's Day by two hours and ten minutes. That's right, Cele, I was born on February 15th. My eldest daughter, Jennifer, missed my birth date by 30 minutes arriving on the 16th.

6.) I am a writer. Okay, I have a book that has been started for two years now that I have not gotten past chapter four on but I am still a writer. I've written three children's books, in rhyme, that are not published. Oh, that's right, huh Karin? I've written the lyrics to several songs that a local jazz band plan to record for their CD and I've written sports stories for our local small town paper.

7.) I love a good adrenaline rush. As a cop, I got plenty of opportunities to get my fix. There is just something about going 125 mph in a chase, running down the bad guy (figuratively) and slapping the cuffs on him without getting a scratch. To know at any second it could all go wrong, badly wrong and yet it doesn't. You push it right out to that edge and then come back. Whoa! Takes your breath away, doesn't it?

8.) I am a Renaissance man or so I've been told. I love big band and swing music, old black and white movies, especially Bogart or Bogart and Bacall. Right at the end of "To Have and Have Not", their first movie together, Bacall, 19 years old, does a little dance that was not in the script and was totally spontaneous. Bogie's face just lights up and you can tell, right there, that he was a goner. Yeah, I like that stuff.

Cele said...

First my dear Sid of course you can fore go...I'll get you in the long run.

Jazzy I'm on my way.

And Hubster, you rock. You have an awesome sense of humor and the sublime. I've learned a lot from you in the times you've been on Karin's blog. Your list of eight is very telling.

I am totally intrigued by the intuition. Because I don't know how to tap into mine, but if I go with my first instinct I'm usually right. As a cop did this help you out? As a coach how does it work for you?

And I heard you are going to be a great writer, I look forward to your when you get that far.

Who is your favorite big band artist?

Thank you for playing. And yes, I know pay back is a bitch.

The Hubster said...

First instinct is an excellant place to start. For me, it was learning to pay attention to that instinct or intuition and then testing it, even on the little things.

Say you are walking out to the car to go somewhere. It's beautiful outside but that inner voice say's take a sweater or a jacket. In the past I've ignored those voices only to regret it later, even if only in a small way. It's not always right on but it is more right than wrong.

As a cop I always listened to that inner voice. I also trusted my training and experience and looked for the tell tail signs that things were about to go to shit.

As a coach I think it's more the study of the other guy and learning their moves and tendancies in variuos situations. My intuition plays on a smaller more personal level, I think.

Big bands? Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman of course but I also like The Mills Brothers, Gene Krupa, Count Basie, Woody Herman and Billy Butterfield. Oh yeah, and anything by Frank.

I am a child of the sixties and seventies rock and used to play guitar. I even played on the street corners of Bern, Switzerland, for beer money but there is something about the richness of big band and swing and something about that era that I am drawn to.

Okay, enough introspective on me.

Cele said...

Ha ha, I asked and you answered. Thank you. I love big band too. Our AM radio station plays The Music Of Your Life. They don't play as much Big Band as they did when we first signed on to the feed, and I think that is a mistake. But every afternoon they play one by the Mills Brothers, I love the Mills Brothers, they will forever make me think of my mother.

I also adore Glenn Miller, Perez Prado, Benny Goodman, and Les Paul & Mary Ford. I love folk music, and I too am a child of the 60s and 70s to throw in some Led Zepplin, CSN& sometimes Y, and some Peter, Paul, and Mary.

I try very hard to listen to my intuition, I think everyone is blessed, we just don't all listen. I would love to develop any ability futher, but I am frustrated (imagine that a frustrated woman) because I've no clue how to, and I think it is something you have to do yourself, there are no manual to aide your quest despite what others might think.

Thank you for playing, you need your own blog.

J. Carson Black said...

I graciously accept being tagged, and have written stray thoughts about myself (my favorite subject, by the way!) over at the blog on my website.

Peggy said...

I did it! Here's my MeMe:

I even found 8 more peeps to tag.

This is fun!

Cele said...

Oh mi gosh I am so happy people are playing, thank you guys, I always feel like a dead end. Jazzy, Gary, Peggy, Jake, you guys rock.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Hey, you blogged 8 great things. Yeah, snakes. Not a good thing.

I remember when my fear of snakes happened. I was a kid, maybe 7 or 8, and we went camping near Big Bear Lake in Michigan. Lots of sand dunes and stuff. Well, we were walking up a dune from the lake when at the bottom I stepped onto the sand, felt something whip around my leg and bite. I looked down and it was a snake.

I screamed bloody murder, raced up the hill (beat the snake and all my cousins and siblings) saw my parents walking along the top of the dune, raced to my dad, climbed up his body and onto his head and shoulders, all the while yelling "snake! snake!"

That night, everyone was sitting around the campfire. I sat in a chair next to a big tree. All of a sudden my parents and aunts and uncles were looking at me and saying "don't move"... argh! A snake ... a big blue racer, slithered up from a hole under my chair and into the camp. That's all it took. I freaked.

To this day, I can't look at snakes on TV, in a book, or at the zoo, without getting a tightness in my chest and an urge to run.

Not irrational at all.

The Sacred Sister said...

Cele, I love your list! You are so awesome, I just loves ya!
I am sorry to hear about the turtlenecks this summer. Seriously, my father has had several removed and I am so worried that I will have the same problems. I have two odd red spots right now (on my leg and arm), but 2 different doctors say it's not skin cancer. I don't blame you for being cautious!
I am so with you on the whole Paris Hooker thing; that bitch ticks me off.
Being in radio, I bet you have a sexy voice... which means that you would sound fabulous on the phone also!! ;) I bet you are in demand. "But my boss says I give good phone." hehehe You're a trip...

Cele said...

Vicki your list was wonderful, thank you for playing along. Peggy tagged some very interesting people.

Sacred. You are doing the right thing by questioning and asking your doctor. I had almost talked myself out of going. I am glad I didn't. I have a few spots I'm keeping an eye on now, and when I have my yearly women's I will have my NP check my back for me.

Hmmmm, I've been told I have a sexy radio voice, but then horny men will use any line. I think it is a good voice, I worked on developing it for years. My tip (one that was told to me decades ago) begin with your telephone voice and speak from your throat, the lower the better, but it usually takes time to get it lower in your throat.