Tuesday, April 24, 2007

American Idol - Week Ten or It's All In The Second Half

I’m 8 for 15

Was it me or did you expect Bono to actually show up and be tonight’s mentor? Well that is what I expected when Ryan Seacrest announced him as the night’s mentor. I’m guessing now in hindsight it was as the mentor on how we should be in our interaction to the world around us and beyond. I applaud Bono for his use of celebrity, I truly believe it is how a celebrity should use their status and fame, and yet so few do. Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Harry Belefonte, Paul Newman, and Joanne Woodward, just to name a few, burn with a proactive flame inside them that puts anything I can do to shame, and I am humbled by their efforts and accomplishments.

Bono’s flame and vision has driven him so far, that it was almost the end of U2 as we know it. From his humble beginnings as Paul Hewson, Bono has stepped out of his past to create a tomorrow for many who might otherwise have known none. I, on the other hand, forever wonder if my money is going into a hungry tummy or some middleman’s wallet. If Bono walked up to me tomorrow and asked me to give, I’d stick money in his hands, no questioned asked. I trust him, like I trust my local agencies; it’s all the ones in between my hometown and his efforts that scare the bejebbers out of me.

OH.MI.GOSH I have wander well off subject, surprise! I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on both Idol Give Back and on tonight’s performances.

As I said, It’s All In The Second Half. We are down to six, and they are for the most part shiny bright. But now I’ve come to a new dilemma: Who is bad enough to go now that I don’t have Sanjaya to target? Well Vote for the Worst has taken care of my quandary, they’ve now appointed the pasty pate’d Phil Stacey as their post boy. Opps! Hold on I need to vote again.

So it was songs of change, inspiration, emotion. Interesting song choice by some of the remaining contestants, and inspired choices by the rest, let’s begin.

Chris Richardson kicked off the night with one of my favorite Eric Clapton songs. I love Eric Clapton and was happy to here someone had chosen Change the World. In the first notes I was dismayed, Chris is no Eric Clapton, he just didn’t have the right voice for the beginning, but then he hit his stride in the second half of the song. Wow, while I did agree with Randy about the singing, Chris isn’t in it to win, I do have to say I liked the second part of the presentation.

Melinda sang Faith Hill’s There Will Come A Day. Her dress totally sucked, her hair and make up were perfection. The opening of the song didn’t do anything for me, then I began to notice the subtle differences to her presentation of the song and Faith Hill’s. Once again the second half of the performance totally sucked me in.

Blake chose the classic John Lennon anthem, Imagine. How can you not hear that song and think? Okay, that is my response to the song. My response to Blake’s version was, hohum. Once or twice his vocal attitude caught my attention, but other than that, nothing, nada.

Lakisha covered Fantasia Barrino’s I Believe and I am going to go against what each of the judge’s said. She sang it better than Fantasia. Not to say that she doesn’t get too powerful, but I felt she made the song hers. She sang with conviction and promise. There just two or three little notes that were in question. And the dress, very nice.

Phil, the ashen wonderboy. Wow, is that dude white, or what? And his eyes are so big he could be a Furby. Now if you think I mean the furry little electronic doll that snores on me and falls forever asleep, you are wrong. I am a Furby by birth, and one trait many of us have are big eyes and butts. I was blessed with both, Phil is obviously only part Furby (if any truly at all) because the man was born with no ass. He does have a lovely voice, although there are a lot of other songs I would have like to have seen him chose over Garth’s The Change. Phil did show some interesting vibrato in his performance and a bit of his range.

Jordin, She has my votes, oh wait let me vote again. Okay, she has my vote for American Idol. If there is one hing the Sanjaya travesty proved to me, it is the power of the vote. So as I say often (but it’s usually about politics) early vote and vote often. Anyway, back to Jordin. Girlfriend, hated the dress. But even a butt ugly dress can’t stop that awesome voice or hide that beautiful face. She shown tonight, pulling out a gospel classic, You Will Never Walk Alone Jordin put every bit of herself and emotion into it. Breathe Taking. Oh wait, gotta vote.

So for tonight my kudos to…

♫ Jordin (I know you’re not surprised, but she totally rocks)
♫ Melinda
♪ and my honorable mention to Lakisha

I’m going to put Chris in the bottom, but darn it could be Phil, or even Blake. Hmmm hard call I know, but it will be male going tomorrow night.

So how did you vote? Often I hope.