Thursday, April 19, 2007

5 Interview Questions

Sid has graciously left these five interview questions for his readers who wanted to play. I love most MeMe’s. So here are the five questions. If you want five interview questions to continue this MeMe on your blog, read the instructions at the conclusion of this post. Now Sid’s questions

1.In the past twelve months, what is your happiest (or funniest or saddest) memory?

Hmmmm, most of my happy memories revolve around family. I think I’m going to say mine and Ducky’s vacation to Seattle last fall. We went to two Mariner’s games. The first against Roger’s Yankee’s the second against the dreaded Red Sox. We were seated in the middle of, you got it, a bunch of drunk Red Sox fans. We had an awesome time.

2. Name and describe the precious or semi-precious stone that best describes your temperment.

Ooh, so many gems so few fingers. I’m going to say Amethyst. Besides being my birthstone, it is cool, transparent, and deep. Okay, so I try to be cool and tend to be transparent.

3. Who is your favorite fictional television character, and why is he/she/it important to you?

Important to me? Gosh, I don’t think a character is important to me. I’d say my favorite character was John Critton from Farscape. I loved the facts of the character. He was human in an inhuman situation. His character was riddled with humanisms when he was dealing with Aliens. It laughed at the American pop culture, our lesser development, and he had an invisible friend he didn’t want with horrible fashion sense.

4. If you are a blogger, do you have a predominant "theme"? If you are not a blogger, what would you write about, thematically speaking?

What I think about. Daily things in the media or my life that prompt me to write, but not on a daily basis. Plus, much to my dear Sideon’s dismay I blog weekly about American Idol. This summer I may blog about Big Brother, and next season I will blog about Dancing with the Stars. I’d post my poetry, but I like to wait until my copyright is registered (and I’m running a bit back logged – like 80 poems or so not registered yet. I need to get crackin’. The LOC needs my money.)

5. Imagine you are a world leader. What would be your administration's focus or policy (meaning, what issues are important to you, and why)?

Ending war in this world, ending hatred, ending prejudice, teaching the poor to feed themselves, and educating the masses.

Now if you want to play along too. Ask me to interview you in the comments section. If anyone wants to play after the request I will post the five questions in the comments section.



Sideon said...

I'm way behind on most shows. I had heard of Farscape, but never saw it!

Right now, our current obsession is on the Sci-Fi channel: The Dresden Files. That wizard guy is one handsome man.

Love the answers! Aren't memes great!?

Cele said...

Sid I love Harry Dresden, the Dresden Files are my favorite new show. Bob totally rocks. But darn the season is over already.

Sci-fi is probably my favorite channel. That is where I found Farscape, which is running on WGN on Saturdays. I loved Earth2. I love Ghost Hunters, and I wish they would air Babyalon 5 in it's entirity.

Thank you for the MeMe.

Peggy said...

Can I play?

Peggy said...

1) What is your favorite clothing?

Sweats ... I'll just leave it at that.

2) Are you your favorite colour, explain?

Let's see now. My favorite color is red. Red is versatile and vibrant, warm and welcoming, or firey and dangerous. Yup. That's me.

3) If you could send the world one message ... that was heeded, what
would it be?

Love one another.

4) How has the internet enriched/harmed your life's experience?

It definitely has NOT HARMED my life. It has totally enriched my life and career because I now I can connect with other writers, agents, and publishers. I can't live without it anymore. It has made my life so much easier.

5) Describe how others view you, and why that perception is wrong.

I'm not sure how others view me. In the past people have told me they thought I was stuck up, but once they got to know me they found out I'm really open and friendly.


Anonymous said...

to the above comment...

...don't feel bad, I don't even know what farscape IS.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Cele said...

Welcome Jon, Farscape was a great show that ran on the SciFi channel for about 4 maybe 5 seasons. If you watch Stargate you will see Ben Crowder and Claudia Black, both were central characters on Farscape. Several cable channels carry reruns of Farscape now.