Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!!!!

I am so happy it is a dark day in the Sanjaya Universe.

Oh sad, too bad....for him.

I am a wee bit ticked blogger wouldn't let me up load my banner thanking America for their 38 Million Votes, I know Tish, Karin, Amie, and I did our parts.

La la la la all is beautiful.


Sideon said...


Thanks goodness.

If there was another week of articles of him, I would have been tempted to give in just to see what the fuss was all about!

Cele said...

But my darling Sid you should. Jordin and Melinda totally rock.

dartman113 said...

Hella Frickin Lujah! It's about time.

Cele said...

ha ha Dart I couldn't have said it better myself. Did Mary Lisa like the dress Jordin was wearing Tuesday night? I kept saying I wanted one, it had sold out at Bloomingdale' by the time the show aired on the West coast, but they will have more in May. Problem, the $545 price tag is more than my annual wardrobe budget.

dartman113 said...

Not sure about the dress. A kid that plays soccer with our son said he calls Sanjaya ~ Sangina, which I think is way funnier.

Cele said...

I totally love it, Sangina too funny.

Vote for the worst has now posted Phil Stacy as their poster boy. I'm at a toss up the worst at this point could be Chris R.