Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol - Week Two

I am 3 for 4

What is this sass? I can’t believe it. Simon Cowell, may be a bit rough in his delivery, but he is nothing but honest in his critique of American Idol wanna be’s. And remember at this early stage of the game, 19 of them are just that, wanna be’s. Well no, that really isn’t fair or true. There are several who are total stars and will not be the American Idol 2007.

The past is a good example of this. Who the heck is Ruben Studdard, and what makes America think he’s an Idol? I mean really, “they” behind Idol boast big numbers for Ruben, but really his numbers are piddly. He hit two on the Billboard Hot 100 with Flying Without Wings in the wake of his victory and that was the best he did. And Sorry 2004, well damn he should be sorry. From that same season, which is two if you’re counting, Clay Aiken has listed in the Top Forty, Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary Charts, and Mainstream, and while some think his popularity is waning, in truth that has yet to be seen. Then you have Kimberly Locke, her star is on the rise, each song she releases does better and is finding her landing consistently in the Adult Contemporary charts instead of the Urban or Dance Charts. Then there is Josh Gracin. Wow, what a country hottie. He is definitely the most successful of the season two finalist, including Clay and Ruben. Gracin has consistently has landed in the Hot Country Tracks top ten. From Season two Clay has sold the most, Josh has charted the best.

So what did I see last night? The boys were like hot and cold water. Beat Box Blake rocked on Virtual Insanity, the guy is definitely versatile. I wasn’t a fan of Sundance, but he made Mustang Sally ride. But then there was the hold cold side of the equation. It just didn’t’ seem like the guys learned. I mean what was Sanjaye thinking? So here is my break down and predictions for the guys…
♥ Absolutely loved Beat Box Blake
♦ Jared totally hit it with Let’s Get It On

Going this week
Sanjaye, there is no getting around it, dude sign up for American Idol camp
and I am stuck between Brandon Rogers and Nicholas Pedro (Brandon Dude what were you thinking?)

For the Girls, wow, LaKisha, Melinda, Sabrina, Stephanie, and Jordin have brought it two weeks in a row. I would vote LaKisha in right now, but Jordin touches my heart. I have to ask, Stephanie what in the hell was with that song, girl friend you are so much better. Huge improvement for Gina. So here is my breakdown…
♥ Absolutely loved Melinda
♦ LaKisah can probably do any type of song she wants

Going this week:
Alaina - honey give it up.
Antonella with Leslie and Haley vying for her slot to leave.


Anonymous said...

Given how the Antonella Barba nude pictures were the most searched for items on the Internet the past week, how does American Idol get away without even mentioning the scandal on last night's show?

They didn't even attempt to defend her or dispute the legitimacy of the sex photos. Its laughable.

Well, given last night's American Idol peformance, Antonella may have to fall back on these "fake" photos to earn some money. She's set herself up well to make some serious cash posing in Playboy or any one of the other girlie magazines.

For those who may not have been able to find the photos in question I believe they are still on (NSFW) . You may have to use the site's search box to find them if they've moved off the first page. I don't know if Liveleak still has them or not.

Her boyfriend or whomever it was in those photos must be a grade A jerk if he indeed was the one to leak them.

Cele said...

If the pictures are of Antonella then her boyfriend that leaked them surely is a jerk. The fact that anyone would propogate the pictures more is a bigger jerk.

For others who will read this blog, I didn't comment on the "scandal" or lack thereof, because Fox and American Idol has taken no action. In the past they have been fast to do so, therefore I have to follow the linear line of thinking, in that it is...
1) still under investigation
2) the pictures are not her.

It is far too easy to jump on the bandwagon and point fingers, but I live in a glass house and fully believe in Karma. With that said, what does a scandal mean tomorrow? Does anyone remember the scandal that removed the Miss America crown and title from Vanessa Williams?

I rest my case.