Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol - Week Three

So far in the count I am 5 for 8

America last year you voted Chris Daughtry out, and Taylor Hicks American Idol. Once again, DUDES! What were you thinking? Taylor Hicks opening salvo into the album charts, released in December, is no longer in the top half of the Billboard 200 album chart. Chris Daughtry and band’s self titled debut, dropped just this past November, has made number one on the Billboard Album Charts, not once, but twice now and was certified double platinum this week by the Recording Industry Association of America, per Billboard and counts by Nielsen Sound Scan.

In keeping score, Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts has gone and receive multi platinum status from the RIAA five times over – count them five times platinum and sixty two weeks on the Billboard 200. The girl rocks.

Now for the present – Each and every week (all three in counting) the girls have stepped up to the mic, claimed the stage and blown the guys out of the water. This week the chasm between gender talent was as wide as the Grand Canyon. And the sad part is, with the gender equality two, possibly three unworthy guys will make it into the American Idol top twelve, leaving girls far more talented out in the cold. A travesty.

So how do I break it down? The guys totally sucked this week, and I will never be able to forgive Jared for destroying my favorite Stevie Wonder song. Jared, If You Really Love Me is all about harmony – dude, step away from the mic. From Sanjaye to Phil the male talent walked out of the building with Blake’s last beat and reappear until Chris danced on to the stage.

The best guys of the night
♫ Blake, dude you rock, I loved the hip-hop, ska, reggae thing, but DO NOT DANCE.
♪ Chris Sligh, good vocals, the song didn’t do anything for me, but your voice made up for it.

Going this week for the guys…(well we can hope at least)
○ Sanjaye, totally lack luster and boring
○ Jared, argh you destroyed that song, my favorite Wonder song. Unforgivable.

From the first female performance of Wednesday night, game was back on. I feel dumb for repeating the same words of the judges, but the girls do bring their game to each performance. I think if Jordin could have held a high note for a while she’d have wowed the judges more, Benatar is in a league of her own and hard to copy, but I think Jordin is up to the task. I was kind of surprised by Melinda’s choice of songs, but she brought the house down. And LaKisha, well all I can say is, “Whitney, who?”

Well okay most of the girls. Haley needs to listen to the judges. Simon may lack finesse, but his critiques are spot on, listen to him Haley because right now you’re mediocre at best. Haley’s performance immediately reminded me of a beauty pageant talent round. I didn’t care for Stephanie’s song, but her voice was good. Sabrina’s performance was good, I liked the song, but I did not like the arrangement. And Gina, girl I like you, your spunk, and your style, but you did yell a bit.

The best women of the night…
♫ Lakisha, girl you’re gold
♪ Melinda, she brought home the bacon.

Girls I think should go home…(see I’m learning)
○ Antonella, I was a bit excited when I heard her choice, until she hit the flat notes, time and again
○ Haley, she knows it all so why bother critiquing her?

Now I have to say, did you catch the Visa commercial? The shoes that lady ended up with by the end of the commercial, too cute.