Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol week one

I never watched season one of American Idol. I have no clue what was on, it doesn’t matter I’m sure it’s not on TV now, because well it is historical fact “What Calista likes, gets the ax.”

But I did pick up the show in season two and sat in silent shock when Josh Gracin was dumped in favor of Ruben (who?), Kimberly Locke was axed in favor of Ruben (who?), and Clay Aiken came in second to Ruben WHO? Oh, the inhumanity of it all, what a joke. Season three held the totally unmemorable, but totally rebounded in season four.

Season Five, well shit folks who in Season Five hasn’t gotten a recording contract? What it is eight now out of the twelve top finalists? As a DJ I watch the Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary, and Hot Country Tracks Charts – so I have an idea of who did what, when, and where.

Season Six has come to the watch able portion of our programming. I love the competition. I love Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson is holding his own this year, and while I think you need two positives to replace a negative Paula Abdul just doesn’t cut it for me. She may the feminine factor to the show but she ads no knowledge or usable information.

With the first week of Season Six performances in the bag, we have been shown a definite demarcation line in talent. Night one, with three exceptions for me was lack luster. I know that Sundance was a favorite, but his butchering of Night’s In White Satin found me echoing my thoughts last week, “How did he make it?” I was embarrassed for Sanjay, and I missed about three of the early performance, or I just don’t remember them to comment. But I will say standout performances from Tuesday night include:
•Phil, who despite some pitch problems, really showed me his stuff.
•Chris Slight, who I just adore
•The Other Chris, who surprised me
♥And my final choice for Tuesday night kudos – Beat Box Brandon, the guy stole the show.

Wednesday night began spectacular and divided the wanna be’s with the true stars. Someone white will be going home tonight for certain.
•Stephanie opened the show wowing the universe
•Sabrina showed how it should be done – what a great selection
•Melinda can sing, but please someone help her dress and stand
•Jordin was awesome, this girl has a future – and you can’t go wrong with Tracy Chapman
♥I was a bit worried when the announced what Lakisha would perform, wow was I wrong the girl stole the entire show from a night of incredible and forgettable performances.

My picks for going home, tonight…
Girls: Amy Krebs and Alaina Alexander (although Leslie and Nicole were pretty bad)
Guys: Paul Kim and Rudy Cardenes (I didn’t see then all so, I’m shooting in the dark)



Sideon said...

Out of all the seasons, I've watched a grand total of NO shows. None. Zippo.

Simon Cowell gives me hives. They should bottle his essence and sell it as crowd control, or a weapon of mass disturbance. Where I can go from zero to bastard in .03 seconds, Simon stays at a constant speed of asshole.

Whew - I feel better now.