Friday, March 02, 2012

Talk Thursday: Turn the Car Around

First off, my husband has a commuter car; I drive a truck. Second, unless a vehicle is under construction or in for repairs why would anyone put it in the garage? A garage is for your crap – part of this might be explained by the fact that my garage is on the opposite end of my property… and house from my front door. But yeah, I park my truck under the wide open Oregon skies.

If I forget to pack something before a trip and I discover it after I turned off my block… I’m fairly certain I’m not going to turn around the car to go back and get it. I will buy it on the road or it just wasn’t that important in the first place. Yes, I will turn around if I’ve forgotten someone’s gift… especially if it’s the sole reason we’re going somewhere… and that’s all I have to say on that.

This of course does not pertain to the time we went to see Diamond Rio, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Toby Keith. We rented a room on the edge of Eugene and were traveling up I-5 towards the Brownsville exit when I realized I’d forgotten our Oregon Jamboree tickets. Not much good to continue on when the Jamboree had long since been sold out and why buy more tickets when you already have tickets? So we turned the car around at Brownsville and returned to Eugene to retrieve the tickets. Yes, I felt pretty darmn stupid. And this is probably the reason I am anal retentive about checking my pockets and or purse for the important things like… money…. plane tickets… concert tickets… baseball tickets… drivers license…. Passport.

Before finally boarding the plane on our journey to Europe after 9-11, I would have bad dreams about making it to the gate in New York and voila no passport. Of course we didn’t fly out of New York, we didn’t even route through the Big Apple (why do they call it the big apple when they don’t grow much of anything outside of Central Park?) we flew through Seattle, but I still had bad dreams about being without my papers. Kind of like those dreams I have about opening up my mic and discovering I have no newscopy. Panic, scramble, wake up. I’m not sure I even get to punt before I wake up.

I’m notorious for planning my daily activities so as to not have to cross my path of travel, switch back to catch the next stop, or traipse from one end of Florence to the other end… a whole three miles away. This is of course to be time and energy efficient. And after all that careful planning I will fear arriving early so I will turn my truck around and cruise town to take up the time.

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder.



Donavan said...

My dear, I have lots and lots of reading to do. And adding a linky link page. And adding a Talk Thursday schedule to my sidebar. And coming back here to sink into the loveliness of your words.