Friday, March 30, 2012

Talk Thursday: Ack! Life’s A Great Big Fur Ball ala Bill The Cat

This is personal, I’m sooooo not loving 2012. Nope, not even close. There has been nothing but havoc; total chaos; spiritual destruction, and the end of life as I’d like to know it – my quite, unassuming and peaceful life, gone – poof!

On December 28th I got my haircut and the power went out. No really the whole friggin town was pitch black. I had an hour and 45 minutes before we aired a double header basketball game, no power and a head of partially blown dry, freshly cut hair.

A harbinger of things to come. Just as I got the generator running, the power came back on, the games aired as if nothing happened… although the boy’s team got their collective butts handed to them. Hey, it’s basketball. My hair looked like I cut it with a mixer.

What ensued has been unending. January … Power outages, Frozen STLs – High Wind – Rain – Flooding – Rain …. February …. Rain – High Wind – Major Promotions – Flooding – Wind – Computer crashes …. March….Rain – Power Failures – Wind – Generator Failure – Rain – Major Promotion – Winter Storm – Winter Storm – and did I mention winter storms?

I live on the Oregon Coast where we deal with rain, copious amounts of rain, and high winds every day – but after weeks of high winds, endless rain… well no that’s not true a lot of time when it’s really windy, it’s dry. And so much chaos Yes, folks I was screaming….. ACK!!!!! With several unsavory words thrown in for spice and variety.

Now I hate to be whiny, I hate to complain, ACK!!!! I hate the word hate. Hmmm. But sometimes you just, okay I just, have to be up front about the state of my emotional frell. 2012 sucks.

You know those moments after all hell and chaos have broken loose, danced on the flower bed of your soul, wreaked their havoc upon humanity and the world and then waltzed away leaving all calm and seemingly serene in their wake? Yeah, all that calm and serenity - it’s all a front. That if it could be seen written on your forehead would read, “suckka!”

March has been nothing but broken computer equipment, a new piece of equipment, called a Barix Exstreamer 500, that has refused to work properly – and friggin snow. Snow!!!

Again, I live on the Oregon Coast, not North Dakota, not Colorado, nor Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where they deal with snow through a series of tools that blow snow, shovel snow, and deice sidewalks. No, I live on the Oregon Coast I don’t have to shovel snow, I just open my tail gate and let if flow out…. Or we use oars. But shovel, ummmm, no. I am not prepared for snow, I had to shovel the front walk at work with a dust pan… and may I take this moment to reiterate how much I hate working with lazy men? Okay, I won’t, but do you think they could… never mind.

Anyone who has satellite TV knows that snow and a dish are at opposite ends of a working dynamic. You know you’re beating hot red blood through your veins when you stand out in 31 degree weather with a broken hose, trying to wash 6 inches of snow off a 3.8 meter dish. Three times in one morning. Get rained upon, work up at the transmitter site to keep a failing generator and ergo my signal on the air, by mid day I was pulling my hair out by the roots. Along with spitting up a fur ball or four, I not only sound like Bill the Cat, but I look like him too.

2013, where art thou?

Thank you Berke Breathed, you're my hero