Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talk Thursday: Harried

My life is not my own. Point in argument, I have three blogs in various stages of begun and undone. It is sad, reasonable given the current state of my life, but sad. You’ve not seen the pictures of Miseray’s wedding, our trip to the Rogue River with Burp, our new son in law’s first finish at a triathlon, nor pictures of any posies or projects I may have taken - because right now life is harried.

Our vacation, replete with a wedding, trip to the Rogue River, and cake, delicious cake (hey, I’ve been on a diet, I’d do anything – almost – for cake) kicked my ass and I physically crashed. A week later it was one radio promotion after another – prep football, college football (GO DUCKS!) community festivals, programming, programming, and more programming. Then Ducky had surgery.

I know in radio when someone says, “It’ll be a piece of cake? (and, yes, I get pissed when no cake is involved) I should expect all hell is about to break loose. Ducky had surgery, three discectomi and some spinal stenosis rotor rootered, on September 7th. Rarely in my life is something a piece of cake. The surgery went fine, then Ducky woke up with a few complications. We’ve been reassured that he will be recover, but he is frustrated, incapacitated, in major pain (I mean crap it was a major surgery) and he’s bored. You know what they say about men being patient? My Ducky is more like the two vultures waiting for their next meal – “Patience, hell I’m gonna kill me something.” Yeah, two weeks into this, he’s at that point. I think it comes down to this – he thought it was a “snap your fingers” miracle cure. You know like when you take a pill and you don’t smoke any more? Yep – finally after saying he was going to quit, being stuck at home with no way to get to the store has handed him the perfect opportunity to quit. In truth while I noticed he wasn’t smoking, I barely noticed – what with the pain, pills, and incapacitation.

There has been work, there has been doctor’s appointments, there has been work, phone calls, work, insurance people, work, doctors, work, work, and pain pills. Yes, my life is harried, but it’s not terminal and I’ll survive. Now the question is will those around me survive?



Jen said...

Yep. Hear ya. Well, in my case it was mostly work, with that strange twist of getting The Call, but still, hear ya. Did you have to evict any dinosaurs from your kitchen?

Cele said...

I use to want a velociraptor, now I get along fine with my neighbor, but there was a time.