Friday, August 26, 2011

Talk Thursday: Resisting the Urge

My vacation posts have been interrupted by time this timely topic. The afternoon I got back to work I lost my voice. Ergo I’ve spent the last three days resisting the urge, and urging of everyone to talk. Despite the fact they all tell me to rest my voice, at the same time they attempt to drag me into a conversation that requires me to talk.

What’s that all about?

There is nothing funny about a DJ who has lost their voice. Ack! It is hideous. You know how some women will sound sexy when their voice gets husky at the onset of a head cold? Yeah, that last for about six hours and then the whole red runny eyes and nose things kicks in and sexy is long…. Long gone. I don’t have a cold, although there was this sinus thingie back on say Sunday night, but honestly I thought that was the remnants of my physical exhaustion from my vacation. And yes, I will begin that blog, replete with bald eagle pictures after I finish this. I think.

Any as I was saying, I lost my voice, my money maker opted for another week of vacation, but didn’t take the rest of me. So not being able to do my airshifts, or a ton of other things that DJ’s do when we’re not on the air, I stuck to my office and did paper works, CAUGH up on a lot of stuff. And I would answer the phone, “Good afternoon, Coast Radio may I help you?” (in a loud non sexy rasp of a forced whisper) and I would get back a range of replies from, “Does it hurt as bad as it sounds?”, to “Ouch, that hurts”, or “Oh, wow, it is worse than I expected”, to full out laughter. See my life sucked this week. Those who knew I should talk (and kept telling me to rest my voice) kept asking me questions. Those who didn’t want to talk to me laughed. I liked the laughter better.

So now my voice is trying to come back, but sadly I’ve already missed two opportunities perform non-drunken renditions of the Birthday Cake Polka for my sister in law (she got a birthday whisper instead) and oldest daughter, who today got a raspy greeting instead. So I continue to resist the urge to talk, to sing, to cough, though sneezing is a different story. Really I don’t want to make it raspier by coughing so I have taken to sleeping with a throat soother lozenge wedged against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

The downside – my teeth may be succumbing to acid decade from the lozenge, but I’m not grinding my teeth right now.



Psamanthe said...

Hope your feeling better soon. When do we get wedding pics? I know this is selfish, but I don't have a pic of me in my awesome dress...... LOL

Jen said...

I went to Disneyland with laryngitis once. That was interesting. Try screaming on Space Mountain with no voice.