Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talk Thursday: Six Months

A diagnosis, prognosis, fate, past, future the only thing six months isn’t is the present… we’ll unless you’re six months preggers, and if you think that’s possible for me, fie on you. Once upon a time I wanted so badly to have a second child, Psam wanted so badly to have an older brother. So, no I’m not six months.

Six months ago I was re-learning I love to fish. I’d forgotten the joy of casting, the solitude of reeling in my line and casting out once again, and once again, and once again until my shoulder (and lower back if truth be known) said enough. Six months ago the summer sun was contemplating the autumnal bend and I was morphing into my annual gardening burning out. But the days were warm, the wind had died down and all was good.

Six months ago my much beloved Ducks were stretching their muscles, running their routes in daily doubles waiting for the season to begin.

Six months ago Psam and I went and got tattoos.

Six months ago I wasn’t contemplating a diet. Silly me.

It snowed today. Don’t laugh, it wasn’t much (especially not what the weather
service had forecasted) but it was snow and it kept my husband in the valley for nights on end. It will keep Burp from coming for the weekend. But it wasn’t enough to make snow angels in.

In six months I will begin watching the Siuslaw for jumping Coho and Silvers. I will be itching to cast my line, reel it in, and cast again. In six months I will be planting my tulips… maybe… depending on the condition of my petunias. In six months I will put it off until the rain starts then curse myself.

In six months I will sit watching with drooling anticipation ESPN’s game day, counting down the moments until my beloved Ducks kick off against the LSU Tigers (September 3rd to be exact) and the hunt will be on.

I now weigh several pounds less than I did six months ago. Sadly, I can remember what I weighed when I flew to England in 2002, but not what I weighed six months ago. It must have been bad. I am happy to say I am eating far less carbs, a lot more bell peppers, salads and Marrion Berry balsamic vinegar, as well as the appropriate size food portions. Where will I be in six months? Maybe a size 14 – that would be nice.

In six months maybe I will get a stargazer lily on my left foot. It could happen.


PS I know my snow pictures are pathetic, but humor me I live in Florence we don't get a lot of snow... more than Sid, but less that Lyn and Jenniphur.... geez even less than Psam.


Psamanthe said...

We didn't get much snow... Burp got soaking wet and muddy trying to play in it, but I worked last night and slept through most of it. I was really hoping we'd get a good dumping tonight, but just a few spits here and there. My car has a very thin crust on it.


sideon said...

Beautiful woman.

Time sits heavy with me today, and your post was both bitter and sweet to read. I love your writing style, your heart, your care.

I'm working on that list of 30.

Cele said...

Psam we got more snow over night so in the morning sun Flroence was more than gorgous.

Sid - your last six months have been trying at best. I look forward to you list of 30 things. But more so I look forward to your heart healing and you returning to us and Blogdom.

Jen said...

I took the same approach to six months ago vs. six months from now, and somehow it made me feel better about the future. Not sure why, exactly. Maybe just knowing it's there.

Cele said...

Psam - Burp not getting soaked and wet and frozen... was that a cerebral incident on your part?

Sid - my dear friend - where's that list of 30? hmmm?

Jen - it should look familiar, I stole the idea from you.